-Age: 7 Alternian Solar Sweeps
-Likes: investigation, jewels, royality, torture, kids young trolls.
-Dislikes: foolishness, lowbloods, dirt, old trolls.
-Correspondent Planet: Land of Blankness and Roses
-Lusus: Ferretmaid
-Fetch Modus: Balance
-Strife Specibus: magicbookkind
-Title: Maid of Rage
-Moon: Derse
-Ancestor: Dominant
-Blood color: Purple
-Screen name: goodGrubsitter [GG]

Your name is SHIIRA HANYEO. You’re close to troll maturity. You are a really INTELLIGENT GORGEOUS and COLD lady troll. You are also a  SEA DWELLER, you live in a huge submarine cave which rises to the surface in the form of a tower, SUPERBLY decorated with luxury items, jewels and artistic masterpieces. You live with your lusus, FERRETMAID. She is cold like you, but she is incredibly useful. She feeds you and keeps the hive spotless.

You are a researcher, a SCIENTIST!! … or thats what you’d like, sadly, you are too stupid. Your investigations are about LOWBLOODS and their PSIIONICS, following your ancestors footsteps. You hate them, you hate lowblood caste. You are always pushing them to their limit, mutilating and torturing them, and later, offering their severed limbs as food for your lusus. Nevertheless, you don’t feel the same hatred if they are CHILDREN or GRUBS. You feel an “strange excitement” towards them, in a mad ,WONDERFUL way.

Yet, you’re still too stupid, so your research is not progressing as you’d like, you end up being more interested in art, sculptures and… hot art. You know what I mean.

Your strife specibus is a magic boo-WHO SAID MAGIC?! Magic doesn’t exist, OF COURSE! Your MAGICBOOKKIND is an heritage of your Ancestor, equipped with the latest scientific technology! However, you are not able to decipher the most of its pages, so you only can use some skills. Science is really difficult!

Your trolltag is goodGrubsitter and your speech is hIIglly sofIIstIIcated. You often use a realllly technIIcall llanguage, but you just act like you are clever and well-spoken, when it turns out you are very foullmouthed and rude, specIIalllly wIIth old trolllls.

(you also lost your leg in that accident you dont want to remember…)

jade bby! in an amalgam of fashion details i keep thinking about 

a lot of my stuff has been featuring green lately hmmm