We bring you a Special Newsflash from the field:

It’s new, it’s blue - it’s Flarping.com!

Are you a roleplayer? Do you like roleplaying with people? If you’re interested in any kind of online Homestuck-based RPing, this is the place for you.


Overdramatic sales pitch aside:

What is Flarping? I’m glad you asked, me!

It’s a dedicated roleplay network with a layout comparable to some kind of conglomerate Facebook, Blogspot, and forum site.

What do we have to offer? We have statuses, moods, tags, groups, forums, journals, achievements, a blocking feature that actually works, and a shitload of room for people to interact and talk to one another as the character they choose to be.

Afraid of overlords? Our staff is hella fuckin’ friendly.

Hell, need a place to get back into the groove of roleplaying? Come and ask for advice from fellow roleplayers. Many are willing to help!

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How To Be An Amazing Roleplayer in Three Easy Steps
  1. Read your partner’s post. Read it again. Pay attention to cues about where they are in relation to your character, the setting (physical and temporal), what the character is saying, and how they are saying it. Make a note about what details in the response your character would be privy too, and which are unknown to them. 
  2. Reply to your partner’s post. If their character asked a question, answer it. If they touched your character, respond to the touch. Be sure to acknowledge the important points of your partner’s post in your response. 
  3. Add something new for your partner to reply to. It’s not enough for you to just answer their question, you should then continue on the same train of thought, or bring up a new question. I’ve been part of a lot of roleplays where the premise was good, but my partner didn’t give me anything to work from in their replies, and that is endlessly frustrating. Keep the momentum going.

Some extra tips!:

  • Be careful not to change subjects too readily or abruptly, especially if you sense your partner is building to something. If you’re not sure that they are, just ask then out of character.
  • I have noticed in some circles that people care more about the length of a post/reply than it’s quality. Don’t fall into that trap. It’s nice if you write three introspective paragraphs about what a shitty day your character has had before they ran into mine, to explain their behavior, but since my character isn’t aware of any of it, it’s of no use to me in writing a response. Focus on making your posts interactive, not just long.
  • Re-read a reply before you send it. Make sure you’ve said everything you wanted to, and that there are no typos. 

damn-it-nappa said:

When I was about 12 I had a Naruto oc. She wore a panda mask so no one knew what she looked like, and she ate ramen with Naruto, and she really hated Sasuke but he had a crush on her. If I remember correctly she was secretly immortal and could make hands come out of the walls, and if you saw her eyes you died instantly.

This reminds me of the time when I joined a guy I was dating at his friends’ Halloween party. It was super awkward because he was really drunk when I got there, and I didn’t know anyone else there. And I don’t know if you’ve ever had the misfortune of being in a situation where you don’t know anyone except this really drunk guy who is dressed as a panda (that part is important later) at a party, but things get really awkward really quickly. 

I’ll skip over a lot of the awkward parts for the final linchpin in the awkwardness and embarrassment of that night.

He was even more drunk, like tried to argue with me when I told him he couldn’t take a red solo cup of alcohol into my car and then chugged it as fast as he could when I tried to throw it away kind of more drunk, by the end of the party. I hadn’t eaten yet, so I pulled into a McDonald’s on the way really quickly because the plan was to play video games for a bit over at his place and I thought he was asleep anyways so he wouldn’t be a problem. 

This was a mistake.

He was not asleep. He was biding his drunk little time in his panda costume. Every time the cashier tried to talk to me, the guy leaned over me and yelled “PANDA PANDA PANDA” at her. I have never apologized for someone else’s behavior so profusely before in my life. And that is why I will not go anywhere public with super drunk people ever again. 

Thanks for all the great comments!  Here is a picture as reply :D

I’m getting closer.  How about WHITE rhododendrons?  I’ve made the purple a bit too dark here, but after trying several other shades I think the burgundy is quite nice.  The yellow heather isn’t where I want it yet, and the yellow daisies are just irredeemably awful.  But the lilac is now lilac and the red rhododendrons no longer burn my eyes! Yes!

writingandchocolatemilk said:

My old OC: Blonde, thin, could eat whatever she wanted because her metabolism was "super fast all her friends would get jealous." Later, she had dragon wings and a tail. She could pout and curse her way through every situation, regardless of how much tact was /actually/ needed. Her name was Paige, and she was so Mary Sue it hurt me.

I’d be totally up for having dragon wings, but I think a tail would just get in the way of me wearing skinny jeans, and I love my skinny jeans.