january 20 β€’ UGH SCHOOL β€’ honestly that 4 day weekend kinda sucked ass because of yesterday HAHA β€’ woke up early because throughout the times I woke up during sleeping for water it caused me to rlly hafta pee β€’ back to math β€’ msnguyen was ranting about how forensics trashed her class over the weekend β€’ jumped right into notes it felt like a slap in the face with numbers sigh β€’ walking with quyen to meet micayla and ramon β€’ talked all through passing period β€’ late to bio but mrmcclintock never marks me so whateves heheh β€’ bio honestly took 5evr β€’ “settle down class settle down” β€’ first day of 3rd period Spanish β€’ already knew like everyone in that class so making new buddies wasn’t an issue β€’ partnering with desiree for the conversation presentation β€’ finally having class with des feels so good β€’ first day reunited with janelle as locker room palz β€’ watching & cheering real loudly for the ppl who got awarded for the top 25 fastest mile β€’ I’d never make it on there tbh HAHA β€’ after she made us run like kms i cannot even stand still without coughing let alone run β€’ lunch with frans with fun i missed them β€’ late to English and the whole class thought i got switched out and were kinda sad β€’ i was v touched β€’ English with really fun today β€’ we went over the upcoming project i love projects β€’ and then we had a life after logan segment and it was really funny and informative β€’ mex-heritage sat with leigh & elsie we talked about how horrible pe was today β€’ partnered up with yasamine to make card all about her it was actually really fun HAHA β€’ they all thought I was a junior haha that’s a first β€’ vanessa was really nice to me also she’s so pretty her makeup is very on point β€’ msesquivel is actually so chill and she said she’d bring us food every Friday so we could try out different foods β€’ met up with emi and micayla after skewl β€’ talked to jeremy & nicholas in a gym for a bit before coach chris came β€’ tony picked me up and we got starbs yum β€’ mom got mad she was like that’s not good for ur throat!! β€’ which is tru tho because I was still coughing out a lung but whatever let me live β€’ napped a lil then did hw β€’ ate din β€’ watched yt vids β€’ slept kinda early gn ✨