mslilygrey replied to your post:Friendly reminder for peeps to tag their porn….

I dunno what happened recently; not seen any on my dash for days that wasn’t caught by my blacklists and then suddenly nothing seems to be tagged at all and it’s beyond triggery atm. Did everyone just simultaneously forget how to use tags? =/

I haven’t seen much myself, but since other people seemed to be having issues I thought I’d remind my followers. Hopefully people will remember common courtesy soon so you and everybody else who needs that stuff tagged can feel better.

mslilygrey replied to your post:and I haven’t been able to sit down and play any…

sending safe -hugs- your way if you want them? Sorry things are so shitty there, wish I had more useful words but my head is shit right now, but just wanted to let you know someone, somewhere was reading and caring. x

Thank you. The words you gave me were plenty useful. It’ll be okay. We’ll probably act like nothing happened tomorrow, as per usual.