mistressandry asked:

Wait, has the Illusive Man been asked yet? ILLUSIVE MAN PLEASE. ILLUSIVE MAN.

Sure thing! :D

1. My OTP for them: Illusive Man/Eva Coré (from ME: Evolution)

2. A person of the same sex I ship them with: Illusive Man/Desolas Arterius (brother of Saren, also from ME: Evolution)

3. A person of the opposite sex I ship them with: Illusive Man/Matriarch Trellani. He booked her twice! True love right there.

4. An uncommon person I ship them with: Illusive Man/Aria because I CAN AND I WILL

5. A ship with them I don’t care for: Illusive Man/his cigarettes because damn son what’s wrong with you

mshottieness replied to your post: Do you feel that it’s wrong that Christians that have never really gone to church want to get married in one?

Lol, except Lutheranism says that the Bible DOES tell us that we don’t need to prove ourselves by going to church and giving it money. DIFFERENT INTERPRETATION OF THE BIBLES, Y’ALL.

This is exactly what grips me though. Christianity is just SO split it’s ridiculous. Fine fine believe what you want, I just find it amusing that there are so many branches off of the same thing and yet they can still be at arms at each other because of slight differences. (e.g. Catholics vs Protestants)