My progress before my provocative hiatus 💫. For those females that complain about my skin showing, the unfollow button is free for you to hit at any time. I am proud of the full circle I’ve came in losing weight and toning up. I was once a did professional ballet and it feels amazing to get back to this body. Nothing is achieved without hard work and patience, so if you are unhappy with your body…work on it…punish it with training…then marvel at you accomplishments. #msactionfigure #happy #cute #workout #loveyourself #healthy

Day 9 of using @hairfinity supplements and I must say my hair feels great. It’s getting thicker and there is less shedding. I’m excited to be on the path to getting my hair back to the length it use to be! #msactionfigure #hairinfinity #healthyhair #naturalcurls ———————————————————- Today’s hair care treatment is a deep conditioning using Creme of Nature Argan Oil from Morocco and 2 tbsp of organic Honey 🐝

I love the guys I work around…always giving me positive encouragement to get a work out in and or dragging me up stairs. When I started a month a go I could only due 5 pull ups on 130lb assistance…now I’m down to 100lb assistance 😌🙌 watch out now I’m working on my “scripper” body lol jk #msactionfigure #motivation #workoutflow #goals