My sister lives in Ridgefield CT, and recently they’ve opened a new movie theatre that employes people with disabilities. From down syndrom, to MS to anxiety and learning disabilities, the theatre gives people a chance to work, be a part of the community and learn new skills. I pretty much cried my eyes out watching this,and wish there were more people like the owner Valerie Jensen. She calls all her employees Prospects, and here is their creed.

The Prospector Creed:

The doors open and we begin.

I will work as hard as possible until the last foot steps out the door.

In this time, I will be more than an employee.

I will live, love, and learn.

I will let my sparkle shine for all to see.

I will meet people, greet friends, and change the way people think.

I will not be afraid of failing and will learn from my mistakes.

I am the smile to brighten your day.

I am the familiar face you are excited to see.

I am what they said I could be, and what they said I could not be.

I am strong.

I am willing and able.

I am a contributing member of society.

I am a Prospect.

You can see profiles on a few of their employees and other awesome videos on their Youtube:

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the perfect family

or so it seemed

Looking into someone’s eyes can be a scary thing, but when you find the one whom ignites the spark. It’s like looking into your own soul.