I’m the only one whose wanted an easier way to tell people besides just assuming they already know?


turned 21 today, so naturally, some reflections:

• i don’t think i was born to be a caretaker, still life has led me to assume the role. i am a better me when i am looking after you.

• your body looks so good, you know that? i’ve been examining the potential of angles and it dawned on me that a lot of people are under the impression they don’t hold good features and bc of this they don’t check out their reflection very often. check yourself out more. upside down. from a distant profile. in car mirrors. there’s a lot of us that gets lost in the translation of perception. don’t get caught up on it. love you.

• i listen to my own voice a lot. every thing else serves as background noise. it’s a reaffirming way to process my experiences. i find it can be easy to discredit our thoughts/emotions because of how vulnerable/feeble we feel in comparison to other people. but we are subjective beings and our individual experiences are far more complex than that. so what i tell myself about what i experience will always come first. whether i’m ready to listen or not

• showers r my haven. so is sunlight. thank you for the earth

I’m still learning to love the parts of myself that no one claps for.
—  Rudy Francisco