One and a half years ago, Leslie dropped a grant proposal in an overflowing bin in Washington and went home to stand knee-deep in river water and do the work that nobody else was willing to do. She helps her town, even if she never gets noticed, because Leslie Knope believes that what we do matters, regardless of how it turns out.

That’s why she’s not upset that she never got to ride in Ben’s elaborate horse-drawn carriage (“I watched Enchanted three times to get all the details right and then another two times because that movie is amazing”). Just the fact that he did so much for her is gift enough. Ben got his wife a massage, a waffle buffet, a Hillary impersonator, a dance class, and a cooking class, and she doesn’t even care that Larry enjoyed it all in her absence. Leslie genuinely appreciates any act of kindness, even if it goes a little bit wrong, even if she never sees or experiences it. She learned that lesson from a town that never gives her the same courtesy.

(via Parks and Rec Recap: “Anniversaries”/ “The Wall”–You Like Fixing This Town)