"On this day in 1972, the honorific "Ms." was included in the U.S Government Printing Office’s official style book for the first time, showing that women need not be defined by marital status. The first issue of Ms. hit newsstands in the same year and helped give the title mainstream popularity."

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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MS. MAGAZINE, GLORIA STEINEM AND THE ENTIRE CREW! I’ve been an off-and-on subscriber for years, and to this day I’m a regular visitor to their website. 

Sana was instrumental in the development of Kamala Khan and she’ll be bringing that sensibility and keen eye for character development to Marvel’s entire publishing line moving forward. Her new role will focus on the franchises that we’re developing, namely making sure that all of our divisions — publishing, TV, animation, films, games, etc. — are coordinating with the larger vision of each property in mind. And thankfully, her new role will allow her to continue editing a few titles here and there.