In 1989 I went to the Graffiti Expo in downtown LA. I sat and watched Delo paint this dope skulls and tripped out on his techniques. That was the last time I saw him until last night when I had the pleasure of dropping a character on this mashup with @og_slick @kopyeson and some dude called @_mrtrixter_ Thanks @mr_munk_ #keepsketching respect the #oldschool

Shouts out to everybody who came out and rocked wit @dilatedpeoples tonight 👊 @rhettmatic @therealmrchoc @madchildbaxwar @therealfashawn @exileradio @alanthechemist @mr_defari @s1ckjacken @ras_kass @_mrtrixter_ @og_slick @bigkiddru @robdank @sammmo @jwayniac #melvin #instababs©®™ (at The Observatory)

A few of the dope stuff I got at #dcon this past weekend. Much respect to all the artist and vendors. @ninjagraffiti @selfuno @awolone @455er_cbs @originalrufnek @2fukdup @savethepanduhs @zukie_art @_mrtrixter_ @bsopinsky #dcon2014

Hand painted skate decks for tomorrow’s charity art show including some of the top names in the tattoo, art and skateboard industries. Portion of proceeds will go to H.O.L.A (heart of Los Angeles) supporting art development in today’s youth. Hosted by #DtlaTattoo 1135 E. 5th str. Suite 8 LA,CA 90013 #artshow #oneofakind #handpainted #skateboard #sma #ripcity #suicidaltendencies #trixter #mrtrixter #rapidfire #westcoastartists #uticrew