mrthelma asked:

hi, i'm so sorry if you guys have a tag for it and i missed it, but do you have any weedfic recs? thanks in advance y'all are a++++

we have a shotgunning tag but heres some generic recreational drug use

so i know i said it wasn’t going to do this but look i did

i’m going to be sappy here for a second and say that this has been one of the best years of my life. admittedly, that’s not saying much considering i’m not old at all, but still. i’ve met so many wonderful people, participated in so many amazing things, and yeah i do get pissed and yeah people make me want to kill things sometimes but i do love a lot of you a stupidly enormous amount.

so here’s to hoping for another great year, leaving off with a list of awesome people. also, i’m really sorry if i forget you.

ali /amanda / artisten / caitlin / callie / cee / deli / elizabeth / fuchsia / helen / julia / lauren(cake) / lauren / liv / liz / morgan / nadia / stephanie

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in the spirit of valentine’s day, here are my tumblr crushes. [a certain someone hasn’t moved from the top spot in, um, three months? *ahem*]