On 23rd June, Suitsupply – the international men’s fashion label ranked “Number 1 Suit” in a blind test conducted by the Wall Street Journal and the New York Fashion Institute – will introduce the Suitsupply Mansion concept to Johannesburg.
With 50 stores across Europe, North America and Asia, it is now Africa’s turn, as the company brings its signature mix of impeccable fits, Italian fabrics, and unbeatable prices to Johannesburg.
The Suitsupply Mansion in Hyde Park will comprise five rooms, each showcasing a different element of the brand’s collection. A full line of winter suits, jackets, shirts, outerwear, shoes, bags and accessories, as well as select all-season essentials like breathable cotton and linen shirts, all-purpose chinos and lightweight vests. Shirt prices average around R990 with suits ranging from R3990 to R9990.
“We want you to feel at home while we advise you on style, tailor your experience, and make sure you leave with nothing less than the perfect fit,” says CEO and founder of the brand Fokke De Jong. To ensure this, the brand’s international tailoring specialists will be on-site to offer advice on size, fit and the season’s must-have looks.
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Since being founded by a Dutch law school dropout in 2000, Suitsupply’s strategy of using only the finest Italian fabrics, European styling, incomparable in-store service and attainable price points has revolutionised the men’s retail fashion market, leaving competitors asking “how do they do that?” and customers everywhere coming back for more.
As with all Suitsupply stores, the new Johannesburg space will combine bold design with impeccable customer service, including an on-site tailoring bar where customers can have their suits altered in minutes

Spent the evening with the dapper @mrsuitsupply team and got a great preview of their newest pieces. I kept mistaking the mannequins for men and the men for mannequins. #nyfw (at Suitsupply)


-Love ❤️-

Blazer - @ZaraMen

Plaid Shirt - jcrew

Tie Bar - @MrSuitSupply

Knit Tie - jcrew

Leather Belt - gap

Selvage Jeans - acnestudios-rodeo

Flower Pin - hookandalbert

Distressed Boots - allsaints

Pocket Square - hmoutfits

Time Piece - timex

Bracelets - etsy

#ThrowBagThursday | @mrsuitsupply showing us great style and how to rock it with a complimenting man bag 😎👌


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