I drew this in 2009! Quite awhile ago…I actually thought of getting a tattoo of it when I got older, assuming I had enough money to afford the likes! Drawn with pen, gel pens, and pencil. A colorful and vibrant angel from heaven :) Even if I don’t believe in stuff like that.

The world is full of stress and pain! It’s always nice to find ways to get rid of stress, and personally sleep is the only good way. It can change your mood to better deal with the stress after you wake up relaxed. I slept a bit too much today! This poem I wrote is called Wooden Soul and portrays stress relieving, yet in an odd manner :)


Wooden Soul

Reaching inside your pockets
Twirling around my fingers
Feeling for lies, grabbing onto pain
That is hiding behind the lint

Painting a veil
Across the flowing river
A mark to remember forever
Seeping into my skin, filling with blood

Strings pulling me all night
Wooden stockades shackling my every move
Reaching for me
Twirling around those fingers of yours…

You didn’t like the way I was
But my body screamed of love
I looked like someone to think about
So you cut cut cut

Lying here; red roses
No stone
But it felt grave
It felt…good

Don’t have to worry about the world
My heart is rotting away
Never did this sound so wonderful
To let all my problems fall in your hands

Twirl, twirl, twirl those fingers
Reach inside your pocket
Take out the note I left you
And read it with me again

Lift me up please
So I may speak…

A girl’s heart is broken

 Wilting away each petal

  Thorning a broken body          A boys heart is broken

   Reaching rock bottom            Thrown into a white river

    Where a boy waits                Eroding; all the while drowning

To save her from it all                No girl willing to jump in

                                               To save him from it all

Tell You What

I’ll tell you something
You’ll go back to the floor
I tell you who I am
Not everyone can have that

I’ll tell you a secret
That not even I tell myself
I trust you to understand
A trust to not be judged wrongly

But if you won’t respond
Then just keep on walking away
I won’t heed you back to me
Asking you to hold my hand

I remember when you asked me
To hold you together
Just a warm hug to keep you from breaking
So that time would continue

Tell you what
I understand what is going through your head
Even if you can’t trust me, I won’t let you down
If we aren’t friends anymore, I’ll trust your making the right decision
-MrSquishyBuns -June 2nd, 2012

Bits Of A Dream


My body becomes weary
For each dream I visit
My eyes refuse to open
As I fade into the imaginary

I forget about the real world
Leaving memories layed about my dreams
So when I come back to reality
We might not know each other

Sorry I can’t stay in touch
I won’t even get out of bed
Too tired to care anymore
My waist is paralyzed down to the toes

Eyes rolling back and forth
Trying to go to sleep again
But the smoke inhaled into my lungs
Keeps my awake, and in pain

The burning passion has finally spread
Peeling wood and grey skies filled
If I’m to go away forever…
Let it be in the wildfire engulfing my home

I would have ended my life much sooner
But I have forgotten how to hold anything in my arms

        -MrSquishyBuns, January 4, 2012

Poem #4

I wasn’t exactly sure what I had in mind when I wrote this, it felt rather forced for some reason. Just a jumble of words came to mind, but it is about a man who wanted it all to end. To start over again from the begin! Wishing he didn’t do it in the first place.~Practice makes better :) Enjoy

Haha it’s probably because I haven’t posted anything in a day. I’d like to have at least one thing a day.


Start Over

Driving fast…
Lines passing each second
Lights flashing
A full moon out tonight

Roads creaking a rock
Wind shreaking with the grass
The tires running low by the clock
Fear instilled to my lass

The wailing won’t help,
Failing to see what I’m missing
I close my eyes
And let the wheel loose

Ringing in my ears
Colors to be said

Circles and circles
I’m going in~
My head, my head
Is repeating it all over

After writing that poem about hearts, I wanted to draw some hearts too! 3 Hearts to be exact, sheltered by a small piece of cloth wrapped around them, and guarded by a sword! Just goes to show that hearts need to stick together, whether in forms of friendship, love, or even work. I have to admit that the sword was a bit odd to add, and that the photo would have been just fine without it. Too late now though :D

(Had to sharpen the photo, because it was too blurry…now it’s too sharp! Still like it regardless ^^)