They were sending her away for 2 weeks with Auntie Mary. Ella took a deep breath and double checked her bag. Four prescription bottles, wallet, phone. Phone charger. Plenty of clothes. Laptop. She sighed. She didn’t want to leave. Or meet new people. But the therapist had recommended it.

Girl's Day Out || Mary & Molly

"I’m so glad that you came up with this," Molly called from her bedroom, checking herself once more in the closet’s mirror. "I really needed a day to relax." Upon fixing her ponytail, she joined Mary in the sitting room and smiled. Annabel was downstairs with Mrs. Hudson, Sherlock was away on a case, and John was on his way to meet him which left the two women alone and free to have some fun for themselves.

"Honestly, I can’t remember the last time that I had a girl’s day out," she laughed. "I’m ready to go if you are."

Baker Street || Ella and Mary

Mary was on her way over to Baker Street. She owed Sherlock and Molly for something - not that she could remember - and had promised to look after Ella for the day. It wasn’t babysitting, Molly had made sure Mary knew that as she hated the term, especially when applied to a teen. It was just Ella having a (hopefully) nice time with her.

The taxi pulled up at 221 and she paid the fare in notes. Hastily, she checked her watch - late - and even more hastily, hurried to the black door. As she owned- or rather John owned a key for 221, she entered the building and dashed up the stairs. “Sorry!” She called in advance, knowing someone at least would hear her. “And hello!”


Mary sat on the armchair adjacent to the sofa that she had put Liz on in the recovery position. Upon hearing where Liz was, the ambulance staff agreed to leave her there - the cuts weren’t too deep, and both adults there could help her medically.
Darcie was moving about a lot, possibly from the panic her mother was in.

[text] I’m doing well! Just barely starting to show… I think the little Holmes is going to be a big baby. -Molly

[text] How are you feeling? Still having trouble with the morning sickness? -Molly

[text] It’s subsiding! Although, to be fair, I’d expected it to be a little longer. My mum was ill pretty much constantly with me…

[text] I’m definitely showing, although not as much as the midwife hoped. Oh well, I’m only 5’ 3”, so baby won’t be that big, anyway!

Excitement and a Big Greeting!~

((Mira, Ella, I think we have fans???


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I’ve got a cup of coffee with milk in it sat next to me.


Sherlock, if you’re reading this, John actually remembered the milk for once. He’s missing you, and I have the proof right here.

mrsmwatson submitted:

Heated argument drabbly-minific:
Molly had just slapped her. Actually slapped her. Mary could do very little other than blink, several times. “Di- Wha- Ar- Molly, are you okay?” Upon seeing Molly’s unchanged expression, Mary changed dramatically. She slapped her friend back, not in spite, but in a ‘what the hell do you think you’re doing’ way. “If you’re going to slap me, first, do it properly, and second, don’t slap /me/. You know I can slap harder, and I don’t want to end up damaging your pretty face.” 

((Gosh, Mary’s got some claws! I wonder what they were arguing about?))

anonymous said:

How did you and John meet?

We actually met at counselling. He had an appointment that ended a few minutes before mine started. He was there because of Sherlock’s suicide, and I was there because my mother suggested it to me after my brother died. We talked a bit, and arranged coffee. So, basically, two messed up people became one not-so messed up couple c:


((Okay, if it wasn’t really painfully obvious, this blog, I guess, is on hiatus for an unspecified amount of time.

I’m afraid my Sherlolly muse has vanished completely and my Molly muse is going as well. :c I hope to get back on at some point, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to be any time soon.

I want to apologise to my roleplay group and follows because I really am very sorry about this. If you want, I guess, don’t hesitate to find another, better Molly. I’m so so sorry.

If anyone would like to keep in touch, my personal account is paper-heartbeat. Thanks. Much love and many apologies.))

anonymous said:

When did you know you were in love with John?

((Mun has never really been in love, so this’ll be very difficult…))

It was when we’d been together for about three months. I had to go to Cardiff for two weeks (to be with my family; we’re from Cardiff) while my grandfather was in hospital with cancer. When he passed away, it was really hard for me to be around anyone. My grandfather was like a second dad to me, especially when my father had been deployed, so it was especially hard on me.

When I got back to London, John listened to me crying for hours, but he didn’t try to make me feel better - oh, no, that sounds uncaring. He didn’t make me try to ignore it. He understood exactly where I was coming from, and was there for me through the whole time, even when my parents had given up on me.

And then I started to realise that maybe he was doing this because he loved me. And the more I thought about him, the more I wondered about the future, especially as I’d seen how short life was (my grandfather wasn’t even 70), and I pictured us together, maybe married, maybe with kids… And I came to the conclusion that I loved him.

And that was a bit weird, probably, dear reader, but I’m not too sure myself.

((And also, mun is crubbish when it comes to positive emotions…))

anonymous said:

✉ ✘ ☠ ❤ ♣ for John

((Yay, John!))
2 am- Darcie is awake, so I thought you should be too, sucker.
Unsent- I can’t do this any more, John. I… Just can’t
Threatening- If your daughter doesn’t shut up any time soon, you can deal with her crying for the next week.
Loving- I love you, too, you grumpy sod.
Drunk- Alll im sayib id tht I am avalble for anyyhin yio wsnt ;;) 

anonymous said:

What was the song they played during the first dance at your wedding?

Is it bad to say I can’t remember? I was tipsy on champagne, and I can’t dance anyway, so I wasn’t paying attention. All that matter was who I was dancing with, so that’s all I can really remember. Sorry, John…