11 Questions - Challenge

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I was tagged byxyaoi-dreamer

  1. What’s your current favourite fandom?

    hmmm I’m not sure but if I have to choose something, the last fangirling I had was for Kim Bum from the korean drama “the goddess of fire” owo

  2. What’s your favourite anime food? (I know this is stupid, but I would like to try at least one of those foods xD)

    damn! that’s hard :s they all look so good in anime xD but I think onigiri would be my favorite even though I haven’t eaten yet from one of those! :o

  3. If you were an anime character, who would you like to be?

    D: so many hard questions!!! urgh >w< mmm I’m not sure u,u they’re all so awesome! ;_ ; nnggg… X_X *died, brain overload*

  4. Where do you live (your country is fine)

    Belgium! :)

  5. If you had just one more day to live, what would you do in that last day? (such a sad question -.-”)

    I would spend my time with my loved ones ;_ ; ❤

  6. Favourite anime/manga so far?

    Definitely one piece! c: 

  7. Do you like cats? *-*

    I like anime cats? :D

  8. Have you ever done cosplay?

    euhmmm does half cosplaying count? :x 
    haha I once wanted to cosplay after seeying such awesome cosplays at an animecon and so I bought me a haku mask and forehead protector(from the anime naruto) I tried to do my hair the same but I didn’t buy the clothes so :p :D 

  9. What’s the most important thing in friendship?

    honesty, loyalty, respect and care for eachother :)

  10. Do you have any siblings? If so, do you get along well?

    yes! I have 3 siblings: an older sister(27y/o), an older brother(26y/o) and a younger brother(18y/o). hmm well to be honest I see myself getting along the most with my younger brother since way before when we were kids :) cuz he’s the closest to my age(21y/o) ^^ but I like my sister too even though I don’t think we have much in common:p and my big brother hmmm dunno :p they’re a bit older but still :D

  11. If you had a Death Note, what would you do? (Pleas don’t try to kill every criminal xD)

    omg!! :o >< I wouldn’t know what to do!! I wouldn’t feel safe o_o I think the longer I’ll have it in my possession, the more evil thoughts will seep into my head.. x_x

My questions:

  1. who would you like to marry from any of your fandoms? :)
  2. Are you a geeky fan? or an incognito fan owo
  3. are you someone who must see all the episodes of a series or are you someone who gives up after a while and doesn’t finish watching  all of it :D
  4. Do you have a celebrity or anime or fandom crush atm? :)
  5. do you cry a lot when watching dramas/anime etc.?
  6. what do you plan on watching soon after you finish your current anime/drama?
  7. If you could go anywhere you wanted, where would you want to go on a vacation?
  8. what is the most times you rewatched something? :D
  9. do you believe in real love?
  10. what work do you do? or what major are you studying at school? :)
  11. are you single? what kind of person are you looking for?
    are you taken? how did you guys meet?

I tag:

Thailand, Chang Mai: Don’t go chasin’ waterfalls.

Actually forget that subtitle. Do chase waterfalls. Find them, enjoy them. Get in to and under the waterfall. Be knocked breathless by their power or treated to a natural massage. Shocked by the cold or cooled the perfect amount. Slide down them. Jump into the pools they leave. Experience with friends or solo. Witness the majesty of water.