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Did they ever address the credit card theft situation?

In a way, yes. They released a statement that the info was taken months ago. but that everything was alright now. It was far from an ideal situation and I know many people were not happy at all. Thankfully my bank is pretty good about that sort of thing, so it didn’t bother me too badly. This sort of thing happens. Hopefully they will learn from this though and handle themselves better, should another incident arise.

TBH i’ve been playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf like my life has depended on it the past few weeks and that’s pretty much the reason i’ve shoved my knitting aside for so long. But now that I really really want to knit I just can’t. and I try to just sit back and watch tv or a movie I find myself unable to concentrate on it which is what I usually do while knitting, which is probably why I’m not. 

It’s also why I’m having trouble working on other things. :/ i can’t get my mind to focus long enough to get settled into working on something before I set it down and try something else. Even then I end up flopping down on the couch and reading on my phone. xD

And god new yarn. I really really really don’t need new yarn. I have so much yarn. 

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Look into bimodal or segmented sleep patterns. They say it’s what humans natural tend to do, so there’s nothing wrong with you getting up for an hour and going back to bed.

Oh wow, that is neat! I did some reading on it, and it does make sense. 

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Ermagrd I made socks with that yarn a while back!