Today I will open the door of my calmness and let the footsteps of Silence gently enter the temple of all my activities. I will perform all duties serenely, saturated with peace.

Understanding The Flaws In Our Character

An interior life doesn’t mean we give up activity on the outside. Right activity and learning to associate harmoniously with others are very good for us; they serve to make us more balanced. The soul, of course, is already perfectly balanced, but its expression through the ego is usually lopsided. Years ago, Master drew little caricatures to depict the abnormalities in the nature of persons whose development is unbalanced - for example, a well-developed “head” of intellect, but short, weak “legs” of will and self-control. In a sense, this is how we must look to God.

On the spiritual path we cannot run away from our abnormalities; we are brought face to face with them day after day. Our everyday activities, and especially our interrelationships with other people, very much help to bring to light what is lacking in our nature. That which irritates us most in others, that which is most difficult for us in our work, in self-surrender, in all that is asked of us on the spiritual path, is usually an indication of some flaw in our own character. Such situations will keep rubbing us until we overcome our related weakness. These disturbances occur to help us learn to see ourselves as others see us; and ultimately to see ourselves as God and Guru see us, so that we can change ourselves.

-Sri Mrinalini Mata, SRF Mag Winter, 2013, 19; Affirmation, Paramahansa Yogananda, Metaphysical Meditations, 90.

*Photo by Ari Weinkle:

Poorna & Mrinalini love jumpsuits.

Poorna Jagannathan & Mrinalini Sharma in jumpsuits.

Mrinalini Sharma at the Chillar Party premiere


Poorna Jagannathan at the success party of Delhi Belly

Left: Mrinalini Sharma at the Chillar Party premiere. Right: Poorna Jagannathan at the success party of Delhi Belly.

Whereas Mrinalini looked great in her all black, simple jumpsuit, Poorna shook me to the core with her’s. It’s so ghastly! In her film, Delhi Belly, Poorna sported a few Manish Arora pieces, but outside of it, I feel she lost the plot. And those booties…. OMG!

Photocourtesy: Bollycurry

Disclaimer: The pictures I use are not mine. If any party has any issue, I will gladly remove them.

Tell me, O Eternal Mother, that though I knew it not, Thou hast loved me always!

The Special Blessing That God Gives To You Alone

Each devotee’s relationship with God is unique. Certainly there can be similarities of spiritual experience: everyone can see the spiritual eye, and hear the Aum sound; feel the same Love or perceive the same Beauty; and experience the same divine realizations of truth from God. But still, each one’s relationship with God is unique. Your relationship can’t be the same as someone else’s. That is the part which you should not freely share with others, lest you lose some of the sweetness of the spiritual grace, the special blessing, that God gives to you alone.

-Sri Mrinalini Mata, SRF Magazine, Winter 2013; Affirmation, Whispers From Eternity, 33.

Here are the first members of the Paint & Ink Network!(:

moya (writer)

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becca (artist)

mrinalini (artist)

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kylie (both)

ialina (both)

It was really hard to pick members because everyone who entered was so unbelievably talented, but I’ll be picking a couple more over the next few weeks. If you’ve entered already but you aren’t on this list, you still have a chance to be accepted! If you haven’t entered yet, go now!

Lakme Fashion Week - Winter/ Festive 2014

Lakme Fashion Week – Winter/ Festive 2014

Lakme Fashion Week – Winter/ Festive, which is one of the biggest and most celebrated fashion week of the country was held in Palladium Hotel, Mumbai from 20th – 24th August, 2014. Around 86 designers including the likes of Manish Malhotra, Shantanu & Nikhil, Anju Modi, Varun Bahl, Vikram Phadnis, Anita Dongre, Pratima, Rocy S, Masaba Gupta Arjun Khanna and few designers from Pakistan…

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Sonam Kapoor too was spotted at the screening of cousin Arjun Kapoor’s latest film, Finding Fanny. The beauty looked elegant in designer Payal Singhal creation. Sonam Kapoor in Geometric Print Kurta and Dhoti Skirt was looking stunning.

Sonam Kapoor in kurti with matching Jimmy Choo gold sandals styled her look so perfectly.

She completed the look with a low ponytail swept to the side, bright red lip, Mrinalini Chandra earrings, and a Gucci bag for the special screening. She is often seen in this hairstyle.

Sonam Kapoor in Geometric Print Kurta and Dhoti Skirt at Finding Fanny Special Screening Sonam Kapoor too was spotted at the screening of cousin Arjun Kapoor’s latest film, Finding Fanny. The beauty looked elegant in designer Payal Singhal creation.

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Here’s my 20 fact about me
1)Name -Mrinalini Chamling
2)Am Aeries
3) Am a fun loving girl (never took up life seriously but Jesus always favoured me)
4)Straight and forward (some people hate me because of this reason )
5)Talk a lot (sometimes I talk to myself when I have no_one to talk )
6) I hate double face people and those who show off
7) my only friend who knows all my dirty secrets: @kursong08 
8) weakness - my dad (can do anything for him.. Have done something that I never thought off)
9) I hate to study
10) I hate copy cat’s
11) Am selfish
12) I hate fake people
13) I love shopping and hangout
14) Am a great believers of Christ
15) miracle has worked in my life
16) Strength: Me and myself
17) I love kids
18) I have a mole on my chin like P.K chamling (cm)
19) I hate people who judge me
20) And I feel that women are more stronger then men

Iti 'Mrinalini': An Unfinished Letter... (2010) DVDRip Free Download

Iti ‘Mrinalini’: An Unfinished Letter… (2010) DVDRip Free Download

Iti ‘Mrinalini’: An Unfinished Letter… (2010) DVDRip

Kolkata-primarily based Mrinalini Mitra, with a lot of sleeping tablets, writes a suicide notice, blaming nobody, leaving her earthly belongings to Chintan Nair. Earlier than taking the capsules, she decides to destroy all documentation pertaining to her quite colourful previous. Whereas going


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Cryptelytrops rubeus, also known as Ruby-eyed pit viper

…A group of researchers has succeeded in discovering two new species of the world’s newest pit viper in Southeast Asia. These new species have been named as Cryptelytrops rubeus, and Cryptelytrops cardamomensis.

Dr. Anita Malhotra has led over 12 years of genetic research work in collaboration with her colleagues Dr. Bryan Stuart, Professor Roger Thorpe and PhD student Mrinalini before this discovery. In an email the study co-author and molecular ecologist at Bangor University, UK, said: “The species occupy tropical hill evergreen forests in different mountainous areas in south-east Asia. In fact, they are present in Cambodia in the south-west (C. cardamomensis) and eastern (C. rubeus) mountain ranges, separated from each other by the lowland areas of the Mekong basin.”