Have you ever wondered what’s trending across multiple social networks? Mashable mRank tracks trends across Twitter, Facebook, and the blogosphere - and it just launched! 

Think of mRank as an uber-social version of the golfer leaderboard on the PGA tour, but mRank tells you what’s buzzing (which topics) and where it’s trending (Twitter, Facebook or the blogosphere). It’s the kind of thing you can look at and instantly understand how the conversation on the social web is ebbing and flowing at any given instant, and then look back a little later, and see how things have changed.

Some major buzz is happening around the Oscars right now.  See what Oscar trends are popular right now on mShare.

Are you buzzing about any of the mRank trends?

The best Japanese films of the 2000s

The best Japanese films of the 2000s

This ranking presents the best Japanese films produced in the 2000s. The Country of  Akira Kurosawa have made quite good movies lately specially with the work of Hayao Miyazaki, the director of the 3 movies in the first positions.

Battle Royale is action thriller that was previous ranked on Mrankings and got a lot of publicity after Quentin Tarantino listed it as one of his favorite movies.…

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