I do not care what men think about feminism. I am so apathetic that I almost did not write this post. However, men on tumblr/in real life keep asking me about this topic.

I will give this my best shot. This is what I want male “allies” to understand.

1. Female socialization is TRAUMATIZING! Socialization in a capitalist society is always traumatizing, but it is worse for people who were born and raised female because the primary purpose of it is to groom women into a submissive role. The “feminine” role was created by patriarchy in order to control women’s reproductive capabilities. The “feminine” role exists so that men can control women. It humiliates women and robs them of their humanity. Women are not given access to knowledge and skills that would help them become more independent. In many societies that have more rights for women on paper, these roles are maintained through popular culture and pornography.  It hurts and it never really goes away. If you try and escape your socialization, you suffer social and financial consequences. 

2. Makeup, dresses, ect. are not something women  naturally enjoy. I mean, I am sure many women enjoy the social approval that comes along with wearing them. But most people would prefer to wear comfortable clothing!

3. There is no “female brain” or “female” intuition, however there are specific experiences that are the result of female socialization. It is not that women are inherently different, it is that we were trained to be submissive. We see a warped vision of ourselves in society. 


5. Female socialization starts from birth, parents and doctors treat male and female children differently. Even kind, well-meaning parents and doctors cannot escape the subtle sexism that permeates every major society on this planet. Most of the time, sexism is considered “harmless” or “natural”.

Respect our pain and our desire to heal! If you learn anything from feminism, it should be that you will never understand our pain. Don’t try to relate to us! However, you should fight capitalism and patriarchy! I think that public organizing around political issues (stuff that goes before the government)should remain co-ed, but all private discussions and organizing should remain women-only.

So yeah, do what you want with this…

MRAs, other jackasses troll the American Psychological Association with petition to declare feminism "a symptom of severe mental retardation"

MRAs, jackasses troll the American Psychological Association with petition to declare feminism “a symptom of severe mental retardation”

One civic-minded fellow has launched an exciting new campaign to better the lives of men and boys by pestering the American Psychological Association with a trolly petition on Change.org urging the APA to declare feminism to be a symptom of mental retardation.

Here’s his plea:

There are people out there who suffer with extreme mental retardation on a daily basis. Sadly, most of these poor souls…

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On Anti-Feminists & So-Called MRAs

This entry started from a question: Why is it so hard for people to think that empathy for female victims of sexism/abuse DOES NOT* mean lack of empathy for male victims of the same thing?
*(there was a typo in my original post, fixed it)

It’s not even feminists who say “no, we don’t care about your plight as men”, it’s these so-called “anti-feminists” or “male rights activists” who paint the picture that feminists only have empathy for one group of people. It’s these sexist, misogynistic people (I use gender-neutral word “people” here on purpose) who say “feminists oppress males”, people who get mad when their sexism & misogyny are called out, people who refuse to listen and change their opinion. They come with bullshit claims about feminism “hurting” men that they can’t prove and whatever claims that fit their “feminists are bad” narrative.

They also come with claims saying feminism/feminists have never done any good progress/change. They don’t even consider that maybe the reason feminism & women in general make slow/little progress or change is exactly because of people like them who dismiss any progress feminists try to make. Their privileged position makes it so difficult for them to see that when a group of people is oppressed, you have to work very hard and you have twice the challenge to get achieve something. And that is true not just with feminists but also those who are oppressed because of their skin color, financial wealth, lack of education, gender or sexual identity, religion, and many more.

Along with ignoring the progresses & changes feminism did do, these people continue to ignore the fact that feminists DO oppose those antiquated toxic social construct of patriarchy* that says:

  • Men who shows emotions are weak
  • Men can’t be raped/sexually abused and those who are raped are subjects to ridicule/joke
  • Men who show oppressive dominance over other human being are glorified winner
  • “Real” men are _____

They also continue to ignore the fact that every branches of feminism are criticized continuously though the ages and as a result it keeps changing and improving, just like most non-rigid/monolithic ideologies do. Feminism isn’t religion. Branches of feminism criticize each other all the time. Feminists call out radicalism, anarchy, and perpetuation of gender inequality done in the name of feminism. An acquaintance of mine once criticized that feminism doesn’t have a single, uniform belief system. And how is that bad, exactly? How is a movement/ideology that isn’t monolithic and isn’t impervious to change bad?

So, do these anti-feminists actually have any valid-points at all or are they, at the very core, just afraid that women have increased to support and help other women in the past few decades (and now gaining male supporters for their efforts)? Why is it that every time anti-feminists come with a BS claim, their claims turn out to be something that can be debunked with a 5 minute Google search? Why is it that the survey result for MRAs on reddit prove the subscribers are very segmented to be 98% white, 87% 17-20 year olds, 70% single, 91% single, and 94% supports marijuana legalization over other issues such as LGBT rights & abortion legality**. Even the top comments on the survey result thread wonder why these unmarried young white males claim their issues are about child supports, alimony, and custody rights. Of course, you can be sympathetic to the cause but exactly how much good arguments & actual facts can you make about those issues if you’re not in the position of people who actually suffer from unjust child support, alimony, and custody rights laws?

*) Keep in mind that though there are MANY women who believe this social construct, the ideas have been perpetuated by men who have been the dominant voice, lawmakers, and enforcers of social construct in the course of human history–something a lot of people don’t get when talking about feminism/anti-feminism.

**) Sources:

what mras and meninists don’t seem to get is that misogyny is the exact cause of most of their problems they seem to bring up every time they try to argue why such mentalities need to exist

men as victims not being taken seriously? misogyny, the idea that being a victim is inherently feminine and that femininity in a man is a sign of weakness

men dealing with prejudice in custody battles? misogyny, and once again, the idea that raising a child and what goes into raising a child is feminine and therefore men cannot raise children without a woman

just because the root of your problems starts in the oppression of another group doesn’t mean you don’t have problems and it doesn’t mean that your problems should be ignored, but

in order to solve your problems, you need to attack the cause

Things anti-sjws need to stop doing:

  • Calling people “retards,” “autistic,” and/or “faggots” because they were wrong. You sound just like the sjws who call people “cishets,” “men,” or “white” for disagreeing with them.
  • Pulling the “Well women in third-world countries…” card because, let’s face it, y’all don’t do anything for those women except use them for your arguments, and it’s ironic because most of these people are pro-GG so video game journalism is also not nearly of a deal as what the oppression those women face. (NOTE: I am not claiming that “manspreading” and stuff like that is oppression either, nor am I an anti-GG, just pointing out that you also prioritize what is honestly a first world problem compared to what those women go through while bitching at feminists for doing the same)
  • Pretending anti-feminists are perfect and never ever protest against someone for saying “I’m a feminist.” I’ve seen anti-feminists say “Well I agree with Christina Hoff Sommers’ views but I disagree with her identifying as a feminist.” I’ve also seen another anti-feminist attack a self-proclaimed egalitarian feminist just for the “feminist” part of the label she uses.
  • Labeling every little fucking thing “sjw” just because it mentions social justice or equality or feminism of any sort.
  • Purposely misgendering someone because you spite them or they disagreed with you. Looking at you, people who call Brianna Wu a “he.”
  • Dedicating your blog to nothing but hating feminists or debunking stuff. This is more of me being concerned for your health than anything else. If hate consumes you too much, it can have negative effects on your mental state. This isn’t me being a sarcastic bitch either, I’m dead serious. I know from experience how this is.
  • Denying that misogyny / racism exists in the first world. Even if not so much in its oppressive form, the prejudicial form will always exist, therefore, misogyny and racism will always exist. Everywhere.
  • Stereotyping feminists as fat, wearing cat glasses, having an unnatural hair color, being hairy, etc. Especially if you also get pissed when sjws stereotype anti-sjws as fat, neckbearded, dudebros, fedora-wearers, etc.
  • Generalizing other fandoms but still being quick to say “Not all bronies!” I hate anti-bronies too, and I agree, not all bronies. But also, not all SuperWhoLocks are crazy yaoi fangirls, not all furries are obsessed with animal porn, not all Steven Universe fans are sjws, not all Vocaloid fans are weeaboos, etc.
  • Fight hate with hate, AKA the thing sjws themselves do. 
  • “I know they’re a Nazi but sometimes they post good st–” Yeah, we get it. A broken clock is right twice a day. Since that is true, let’s go follow people like misandry-mermaid as well, since she also posts good stuff from time to time. Oh wait.
  • Trying to say sjws are “worse” than Nazis because “At least Nazis don’t claim they’re fighting for equality!” Heck, maybe not Nazis, but a few more extreme anti-sjws claim to be for equality when… they’re not.
  • Trying to convert critical feminists or any feminist that actually does believe in equality into egalitarians.
  • Viewing everything as black and white.

Things that anti-sjws need to start doing:

  • Policing the anti-sjw movement more. Make sure people avoid the more toxic anti-sjw blogs. Of course, if you make an avoid list, provide sources and reasons backing up why these types of blogs should be avoided or at least followed by people who are willing to step up and call out their wrongdoings.
  • Taking a break from debunking posts and all that. Post some positive stuff so you don’t get too stressed. Post things that you’d post on a personal blog not related to anti-sjw stuff. Being negative all the time can harm your brain, so treat yourself to positivity; things that make you happy, make you laugh, make you feel at ease.
  • Also take breaks from blogging period. Add stuff to your queue, of course, so your followers will be happy, while you take a two week vacation away from Tumblr’s constant bullshit.
  • Call out all bigots. Not just sjws. Tumblr has its fair share of holocaust deniers, neo-Nazis, extreme right-wingers, and pretty much everything else.
  • Be more welcoming and supportive of critical feminists and equality feminists. The feminist movement needs feminists like them, and in all honesty, we need more feminists like them on our side. As feminists, they have more power than egalitarians, mras, anti-feminists, and the rest of us who aren’t feminists. They can prove to be awesome allies.
  • Being more civil and level-headed in debates (unless provoked, of course). I’ve noticed that being polite, civil, and overall level-headed gets your point across better, and usually both sides come to an agreement as long as both sides remain calm.

Honestly I’d list more on both lists but I’m tired, so here’s this and goodnight.

Feel free to add more.

Misogyny PSA

What isn’t misogyny

1. Not being attracted to women
2. Identifying with a male character in entertainment.
3. Complimenting a woman’s appearence.
4. Being attracted to some woman and not others.
5. Encouraging self defense.
6. Criticizing a woman’s ability to do her job.
7. Requiring soldiers, law enforcement officers, firefighters, etc. regardless of gender to be held to the same fitness standard.
8. Speaking for men’s rights.
9. Dress codes that help maintain a professional atmosphere.
10. Being a stay at home mom.
11. Expanding the definition of rape to include women offenders.

What is misogyny.

1. Criticizing a woman’s ability to do her job because she’s a woman.
2. Believing women are intellectually and morally inferior to men.
3. Paying a female employee less because she is a woman.
4. Sexual assault/ harassment.
5. Trying to silence a women’s right activist.
6. Believing that a rape should not be punished based on the victims clothing
7. Believing that a woman’s only role is to be a mother.

burntwolves asked:

Actually there's a a HUGE amount of women of colour amongst anti feminists who think that feminism fucked up their community. Keep hating women with their own voices though. Your misogyny is gross.

-eye roll- bye.

“Feminism is hated because women are hated. Anti-feminism is a direct expression of misogyny; it is the political defense of women hating.” - Andrea Dworkin

anonymous asked:

As for problematic MRAs, there was this one guy called ask-an-mra-anything (this url has now been taken over by a feminist who calls MRAs pissbabies and judges all MRAs based on this MRA mentioned earlier) who was planning on murdering the doctor who circumcised him (later he the doctor was already dead and thus couldn't be murdered) and hoped that misandry-mermaid would get raped. (part 1)

(part 2) In two years of being an MRA, this guy is the only example of violent behaviour and extremism I have seen in the community. This one guy on tumblr who likely had less than a dozen followers. That’s it.

I know who you’re talking about. But the story is actually kind of sad in my opinion. Before I go further I want to make it clear I don’t condone the things he said, just that I understand how he got to that point.

I first noticed him when people started posting polite asks he was sending them. He was sending them to feminists offering to clear up misconceptions about the MRM. He was genuinely extending an olive branch and trying to find a middle ground. Feminists responded, and they were not nearly as nice about as he was.

Responses were brutal. They ranged from mild derision to attacking him for his body issues, and telling him to kill himself. They accused him of being a stalker, said they were being harassed by him after a single message. He persevered for quite a while, endured a torrent of abuse and hate, but the inevitable happened.

He snapped. He lashed out. It’s a sad reality that when you push a person hard and long enough, they will break from the stress. He said some really hateful shit, He also apologized for a lot of it later on in some of his many remakes. He obviously had severe issues related to his circumcision, which feminists, and lets face it that was who was making these attacks, hounded him about relentlessly. They found a sore spot and they attacked him mercilessly. These attacks started long before he said any hateful crap.

Then after pushing him past the brink, getting him to fight back, they immediately played the victim card. Look at this asshole attacking people and saying these horrible things. They broke him. Then they pissed all over the pieces and said “Look at this evil fucker who said X” while leaving out the part where they harassed and attacked him until he broke.

So yeah, he said some shitty things, things he later regretted and apologized for. But he was hounded and bullied relentlessly before he got to that point. I can understand why he lashed out. I think most people on this site probably would do the same in a similar situation. What he needed was support from the community around him. Support I never really saw him get.

I think he is more of a cautionary tale of how dangerous it is to engage feminists on this site.

I don’t care what your views are, but if men want to have a conversation about their issues, let them. Please don’t try to shut them up or mock them for trying to talk about their side of the story. Women get so many opportunities to talk about their issues, why can’t men do the same without being met with resistance?


“ An abusive wife or partner may hit, kick, bite, punch, spit, throw things, or destroy your possessions. To make up for any difference in strength, she may attack you while you’re asleep or otherwise catch you by surprise. She may also use a weapon, such as a gun or knife, or strike you with an object, abuse or threaten your children, or harm your pets.

Of course, domestic abuse is not limited to violence. Your spouse or partner may also:
Verbally abuse you, belittle you, or humiliate you in front of friends, colleagues, or family, or on social media sites.
Be possessive, act jealous, or harass you with accusations of being unfaithful.
Take away your car keys or medications, try to control where you go and who you see.
Try to control how you spend money or deliberately default on joint financial obligations.
Make false allegations about you to your friends, employer, or the police, or find other ways to manipulate and isolate you.
Threaten to leave you and prevent you from seeing your kids if you report the abuse.”

U.S. and Canada: 1-888-7HELPLINE (1-888-743-5754) The Domestic Abuse Helpline

UK: 01823 334244 – ManKind Initiative

Australia: One in Three Campaign offers a number of crisis hotlines

Source: http://www.helpguide.org/articles/abuse/help-for-abused-men.htm

Please circulate these numbers. These helplines may be the only support these men have.

Men’s right is literally the most pointless social “movement” in existence. Feminism comes from societal imbalances and oppression, meninism is just a high-pitched entitled whine that boils down to “girls don’t want to fuck me!”