Teen Wolf Theory: Darach/The Hale Family

(Bold words are important) 

Darach is a Druid¬†who uses their powers for evil things¬†‚ÄúIf a Druid went down the wrong path, the¬†wise oak¬†was sometimes said to have become a¬†dark oak. There‚Äôs a Gaelic word for that as well - darach.‚Ä̬†Darach is the person who is in-charge of the sacrifices which are virgins, philosophers, warriors and healers using the¬†the threefold death¬†(which we already know) but I believe this person is sacrificing all these humans to resurrect the Hale family. In the opening credits there‚Äôs a scene 8 hands are coming out of the ground and one hand above reaching out for them. In season 1 Derek stated that 11 people were taken by the fire, but only 8 were accounted for. Leaving 3 members suspected to still be alive Peter, Cora, and the current unknown. I believe that hand below is reaching out for the fallen Hales, is either Peter or the unknown family member.

There‚Äôs a lot of theories that Peter, Gerard or Alan Deaton is Darach but we all know that Darach was the demon form coming out of the fire which lydia saw. I do think Dr. Deaton¬†could possibly be working with Darach because¬†he‚Äôs a powerful Druid, and not the evil sacrificing kind. He‚Äôs very knowledgeable about werewolves, wolfsbane, medicinal and poisonous effects of various plants and substances.¬†Deaton said he came to Beacon Hills to live a normal life and to suppress his old ways by that I think he meant his evil days.¬†He also use to work for the Hale family and was very close to them and even closer to Derek‚Äôs Mother.¬†Deaton also stated that Druid meant Wise Oak . That they were close to nature to keep the balance and¬†Celtic. Darach means ‚ÄúDark Oak”¬†(which is also in the opening credits.)¬†

I believe that Peter Hale is also working with Darach because he‚Äôs in¬†desperate¬†need to bring back his family. In season 1 Peter killed Laura to take her alpha powers so he could avenge his family Death and also killed all the people that¬†dealt¬†with the¬†arson¬†fire at the hales house (kate argent, Mr. Harris and etc.)¬†but I believe when he killed Laura he knew that his plan would be that he would resurrect her with the rest of the hale family eventually. (Ana¬†Walczak was casted as Laura Hale for Season 3).¬†It seems that the Hale family have some tie with Druids because Derek‚Äôs tattoo is¬†Triskelion¬†- An artful¬†tattoo¬†on Derek‚Äôs back motif/logo means, ‚ÄúBlessed by Druids.”¬†I did some research on Druids and found this quote¬†"The principal point of their doctrine is that the soul does not die and that after death it passes from one body into another."¬†This got me thinking that the druid could maybe be someone who is dead on the show but we are seeing as a new character in human form?¬†Ms. Blake¬†got close to Derek Hale in a short¬†period¬†of time. I think she could possibly be darach in human form because in¬†1x09 episode the ‚ÄúWolf‚Äôs Bane”¬†I noticed Peter‚Äôs nurse name was ¬†also¬†Jennifer¬†coincidence?¬†She isn‚Äôt that scared of werewolves¬†and knew more information about them.¬†She also seems to distract Derek at times and seems suspicious most of the time.¬† At the end of Motel California she healed Derek which meant that she was a healer (another¬†characteristic¬†of Darach).¬†She also said that she sees a therapist to make it seem like she‚Äôs normal.¬†Mr. Harris was seen working for Darach¬†was¬†kidnapped and tied to a tree. He begs for his life, telling the killer that he ‚Äúdid what you asked. I did everything.¬†They‚Äôre¬†going to figure this out and¬†they‚Äôre¬†going to find you. You still need me.‚ÄĚ he was then¬†killed as a¬†sacrifice (warrior)¬†after finishing what he was told to do. Overall I do believe that¬†Deucalion and his pack¬†arrived for darach but they‚Äôre distraction for Derek and Scott so they wouldn‚Äôt noticed and also that the Hale family will be¬†resurrected¬†but¬†there‚Äôs¬†still one family member out there living is maybe¬†involved with this¬†situation.