- Alarm clock states 4:30am. Light switches on, the dark of the outside leaves the room tattered with shadows. -

Mr. Fluffers: It’s b-been months s-since I’ve w-woken up relaxed.

Mr. Fluffers: It’s just t-these n-night-nightmares. I t-think they’re t-trying to tell me some-something.


I j-just want to t-take my mind off of them. P-please, send me some qu-questions. Hopefully this wi-will just blow o-over. - Mr.Fluffers


And even as my hope spreads thin and begins to fade, I’ll still wait here like the original, slowly but surely withering. - Mr.Fluffers

(( Mr.Fluffers is feeling terribly down and could use some questions to take his mind off of things. I just did a small clearing of my inbox and still have some questions but the more the merrier~ ))


Mr.(Ms.) Fluffers: It’s Spring! It’s Spring! It’s Spring! It’s Spring! It’s Spring! It’s Spring! It’s Spring! It’s Spring! It’s Spring! It’s Spring! It’s Spring! It’s Spring! It’s Spring! It’s Spring!…

Medi: Oh not this again.

(( First time trying out a queue on this, here’s hoping it works. Also, I’ll try to have an update in mind, but another Fluffer’s update will probably be a while. There’s some stuff I need to get sorted out; it shouldn’t take too long though. ))


What did I tell you Dream? I’d stay and lecture you about all the work I had to do but uh, I have a “friend” I gotta find and confess something to.


(( Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who sent/asked me. And thanks to those who drew flowers as well, even on such a short notice! I would’ve drawn more of the specified flowers if I didn’t realize there wasn’t enough room in the photo set to include them all. Oh! By the way, those without a “From” are from, in order: Hoshi, I, and Apple Cider~))


I figured the Broken (Variegated) Tulip would be perfect for your mother Dinky, it really is such a surreal looking flower, caused by an infection no less which discolors the pedals and causes them to feather unnaturally! Not exactly rare, more-so uncommon. I can gather a few of them for you if you’d like, but do be careful though, they’re a bit more…I would say delicate, than normal tulips.

- Mr. Fluffers (Floaty Fluff)