I visited Mr.David today. He was so helpful!! Basically I asked him what sort of colleges would be in my range considering my grades, SAT scores, etc. He set up an appointment to talk more in depth about the topic but overall he told me not to stress too much. “The college you go to doesn’t make or change who you are.” As cliche as that sounds, it actually made me sigh a breath of relief. I spent the rest of the talk being given a motivational pep talk about just doing the best I can and finding myself (cuz the most important thing you can take from high school are the experiences). Symultaneously i was also being hyptnotized by his SUPER BLUE eyes. Those things are beautiful. 

Added bonus* He knows my name. I find that pretty impressive. Out of all the students he must see in a day… :] :] :] :] 


SAN FRAN DISCO!  It was outstanding to see my  Drag Mother Mr.David a.k.a. Glamamore - the one who taught me to blow on the glue before applying lashes as well as stiching together discount  pucci leggings into a funky catsuit that inspired sir Jean Paul Gaultier’s following season. Mr. David  made many costumes for me before he moved to San fran and I moved to England in the eraly 90’s. To reunite is such a treat and wonderful to see he is inspiring a whole new generation of misfit children who turn out the Stud every friday for his fab party .  What a pleasure to hear live vocals on stage  and witness the backstage energy and outrageous onstage talent. I was singing along as Glamamore sang Doc Buzzards Chez Chez la Femme.  I am always happy to run into the one and only miss Ebony Jet, Aimee Ellis ,David Diaz,Brett Weir,and way too many to mention. San Fran is my sister city and I thank all who came to hear a 4 hour set which  included local legends Sylvestor,Digital Underground, and Sly Stone. While there,  I also received a beautiful perfume named “Demille” . more details about the night updated soon.