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Fight with carter reynolds imagine for Rebecca ? ❤️

Hope you like it!


"I really don’t want you texting him." Carter said seriously, obviously aggravated with you for no reason. You loved him but the things he argues about are ridiculous."Were just friends Carter, chill."You said coolly. He’s been at it with you all day. He has so much girl friends and you never complained, because you trusted him. "It doesn’t matter! I don’t like him." He started to raise his voice. "Well he is my friend and like him.” “Why are you always doing this!” He was finally yelling. He stood up from his chair and walked into the kitchen where you were,”Lower your voice, my mom is upstairs! damn’t carter your so over dramatic!” You faced towards him trying to figure out what to say to calm him. He always got way to out of hand with situations like this. “So what happened if I were to talk a girl you didn’t like?” He reversed to side of the situation, something I always hated. “I would let you talk to her, I’m not going to control your life like you control mine.” Which wasn’t true, you would be upset but you were going to be a hypocrite, and you didn’t want him to have the benefit of the doubt. “Stop being so complicated!”He took a couple of steps back from you. “And you aren’t? You are just as bad as me. I don’t know what is wrong with you but it needs to end now!”

"You are so ungrateful! I do everything for you and you treat me like shit! He waved his hands in the air as he talked. You were hurt by his words, but what hurt you more was the fact that he didn’t think you were grateful of him, but you were, you loved him, every inch and you never wanted him to think otherwise. "Carter, You know that isn’t true!" You couldn’t help but raise your voice, you were hurt that he would ever say that. "It is, you never even acknowledge anything good  I do for you." He lowered his voice down, his looked away from your strong gaze. "I try my hardest with you!  Do you know how hard it is to be here knowing a bunch of girls are probably throwing themselves at you while your gone? And you probably let them." Now we were just trying to see who had it worse. He rubbed his face with his hands in aggravation. You didn’t know whether to speak or to wait for him to calm down. "I’m going to go," He quickly turned around. And walked towards the door before you could grab him. "Carter stop, just drop it." you said before he put his hand on the door "I’ll call you." Then he walked out. You felt like dropping down crying, you thought you ruined everything all because off a stupid guy you didn’t want to stop texting. You called him over and over again after a couple of hours but still nothing. You kept telling yourself he just needs to cool off and he will come back, but something was telling you otherwise. 

You walked into the dimmed living room, it was around 8:00 and your mom was sitting on the couch. You sat down next to her and rested your head against her shoulder. She rubbed your head and looked down at you, “Are you okay hunny? I heard your fight.” Your mother hesitated, she didn’t want you to think you were eavesdropping but you didn’t even think about it, you just wanted someone to talk to and you new your mother went threw breakups when she was younger. “I don’t want him to leave me mom, i didn’t mean for him to get mad at that,” You began to cry, but your mother just listened while you laid down on her thighs as she rubbed your back. “I didn’t think he would get so angry! It wasn’t even that big of a deal.” tears were streaming down your cheeks. “Rebecca, listen to me. Couples go through fights, and there will be many more and you can’t stop them. Iv’e never met someone who has had a perfect relationship, there is no such thing,” I sat up to face her, she wiped my teared cheeks and held my head in her hands. “Your’e a beautiful young girl, this is just the beginning. If he’s worth it then he will come back, if he isn’t, he will lose someone and he will regret it in the long run.”

After the pep talk from your mother, you walked upstairs to bed, hoping when you wake up there would be a long text from Carter, and if there wasn’t it would probably be over between you two. You didn’t want to go to school and not have anyone waiting there for you next to your locker, you didn’t want to forget what it felt like to receive those sweet texts late at night. You just laid there for about an hour thinking of all the negatives of not being with Carter, and you would hate being without him. You didn’t recognize how lucky you were until you actually might of lost him.

Your room door opened and you saw a guy’s shadow. You knew who it was but you still showed know emotion. You shifted in your bed and moved over. “Come.” You whispered. He followed what you said and laid down on the bed next to you, he turned to face you. “I’m sorry I was being over-dramatic, I should of just dropped it.” He sighed heavily and kissed your forehead. “I’m sorry too, for not just stopping, and if you were to ever talk to a girl i don’t like I would be the same way so I understand now.” “I knew it, you lair,” You both laughed and he continued to hug you. You laid head down on his chest while he stroked your hair. “Promise to never fight over something this petty  ever again.” He stuck out his pinky and gestured for you to hold it with yours. “I promise.” You gave him a pinky promise before jumping on top of him and attacking with kisses. “So you really cried that much?” Carter interrupted. “Wha- My mom told you?!” You plopped back down on your side of the bed and covered your face with your hands while carter laughed. You were extremely embarrassed. He uncovered you face an just kissed your embarrassment away. “Cute,” His laughing died down. “It’s nice to know you were scared of losing me.”