Arcade Fire - The Suburbs (Mr. Little Jeans remix)


The Arcade Fire - The Suburbs (Mr. Little Jeans Remix)

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K - Kicks | FKA Twigs
E - Embrace | Goldroom
A - Arcadia | Kite String Tangle
U - Under The Table | Banks
R - Rescue Song RAC remix | Mr Little Jeans
A - Aerial Love | Daniel Johns

No more, please, just finishing the ones I have now :)

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(question thing) 8, 32, 51

8- yes. Once. I will never again.

32- I am on the phone with my bf atm so his voice.
Current music I am listening to(in the indie and dubstep spectrum):
-The Girl- Hellberg feat Cozi Zuehlsdorff
-Black Lemon- Generationals
-Ghost(Lost Kings Remix)- Halsey
-Oh Sailor- Mr Little Jeans

I listen to everything but country. Lol.

51- I am right handed.


Soothing driving song <3 Rescue Song RAC Remix by Mr. Little Jeans. #life y'all like the sound of my car falling apart? Lol still waiting for the part I need in the mail it shipped out a day ago 😩

my main girl sopleasebelieveyoureyes tagged me to do the thing where you spell at your name with songs!!

R - Rescue Song (RAC Remix) by Mr Little Jeans
E - Error 404 by Martin Garrix
M - Monster by Kanye West  
O - One Step Closer by Linkin Park
N - Nuthin’ But A Reject by The Dead Rabbitts
A - Animals by Martin Garrix

I tag anyone who wants to do it xx