OUaT Fandom!

Hey everybody! Katie here - And I just wanted to say hello to all of our new followers and thank you for following us!

The point to this blog is for every OUAT fanfiction writer and reader to have a place to come to on Tumblr they know they can find any fanfiction, of any ship, with any character, you want. We are a NON-HATE blog. We love everyone here, and we want to feature your fanfiction forever on our little blog to share with everyone!

With every fanfiction that is submitted to us, we will forever feature it on our FanFiction Archive which will be sorted by ship and date, as well as have the author’s name. 

Valerie and I see the hate on here everyday in our fandom, and it sucks. We get some people ship Belle and Mr. Gold, or Emma with someone else other than Hook, and Outlaw Queen, and to us - THAT’S ABSOLUTELY FINE. We WANT you to ship want you want, we WANT you to write about what you want to write about - and we want you to be able to have a place here on this website for you to know you can share your fic’s with and never ever have to worry about getting hate for it.

We love everybody, and we love that everybody has different ships and loves different characters and we want to emphasize on that because people should be allowed to write, ship, and love whatever they want. We love you guys, we love our OUAT fandom, and we want to share your fanfiction with the Tumblr world.

If you guys have anymore questions, please feel free to read our FAQ and if you have no other questions and just want to submit your fics, then please go to our submission page and we’ll post them as soon as we’re able to!

We really want this to become an amazing thing, because we feel like it should be an amazing thing. Every fanfiction should be celebrated and shared and read, and we want to be able to do that for people. So please help us get the word out about what we want to do! Reblog this, share this, and let everyone know that they have a place on Tumblr they can share their love of writing and read FF with and receive no hate. :)