Here’s a 3D fanart illustration piece of Rocko’s Modern Life I did a while ago.  Started as a thumbnail sketch, then to an ugly-ass Photoshop color test. After figuring out what I might want in the piece, I sculpted Rocko & Spunky in ZBrush, and finally imported them into a Maya scene. Who’s that creep in the window?

The. End.   

Heffer magnet.

Dan O’Brien caps off 2013 with two Professor Xs, one Snake Plissken, and a whole lot of Rocko’s Modern Life.

4 Pop Culture Predictions from the Past About 2013: Graded

#3. X-Men: Days of Future Past

The comic, written in 1980, starts in 2013 (the future), where we learn that the X-Men and all other mutants are being hunted down and murdered by giant robots called Sentinels. … While we have absolutely nothing that even comes close to approaching how cool Marvel’s Sentinels are, it’s not completely unreasonable to say that modern North Americans are completely managed by machines.

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I’ve been run over by a car, forced to drive a gimp shopping cart, threatened by your gestapo security gaurds, had me head set on fire, I was attacked by wild lobsters, beaten by a very large woman, had me dog wrapped in plastic, nearly starved to death, and I STILL made the 12:00 deadline, so if you don’t change that total back to a dollar fifty I WILL DO SOMETHING NOT NICE!!!


Rocko’s Modern Life