You’ve never heard Taylor Swift like this before. Like, ever.


Pride and Prejudice x Pride and Prejudice: Having a Ball

“I’ve always laughed at Mr Collins for being such a terrible dancer and Elizabeth suffering the first two dances with him.  But, actually, you feel bit of sneaking sympathy for him, ‘cos these dances are beautifully elaborate but really tricky . You need to really learn them and it’s not surprising that he finds the challenge just much too much.” - John Mullan


LBD Lookback #37 Lydia vs Mr. Collins
└ My Name is Lizzie Bennet and i’m storming off!

This woman is the reason I know Pride and Prejudice.  She’s my English teacher from high school and she’s the best ever.  She watches TheLBD and I told her all about the fans and how smart you all are! As an English teacher she obviously loves to hear how much you all love reading and how much you love Jane Austen. She’s her fave too.  Here’s to all our English teachers!!! :D