Rumplestiltskin & Belle - Can’t breathe easy

What really happened.
  • Rumple as Hook:I think we should never speak of this dagger thing again.
  • Belle:Yes, I agree.
  • Rumple as Hook:But to do so we must get extremely close to each other and put each other's hands in our chests as a pirate's oath to never mention it.
  • Belle:Erm okay I don't see why this is necessary-
  • Rumple as Hook:Shhh Belle. Feel my heart who's totally Killian's because I'm 100% Killian.
  • Belle:Uhhh I don't think this is necessary-
  • Rumple as Hook:Belle really do not make any sound lets just stare platonically at each other for a few seconds.
  • Belle:Is this even a thing?
  • Rumple as Hook:Yes Belle because it's a pirate thing and I would know because I'm a pirate and I sail and do pirate things.
  • Belle:...