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John Ross & Pamela working together again? Don’t call it a comeback.

Title: Starsky & Hutch Never Had to Deal With Water Retention
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: Heavy R - for language and situations
Type: (slash, gen, het) slash
Word Count: 19,300
Characters/Pairings: Sam/Dean, Bobby/Sheriff Mills

Summary: Post series AU-ish, A powerful old witch casts a spell to create a child of heaven and hell. It takes Dean a couple weeks to figure out just exactly what she meant by that, and by then he’s got to deal with morning sickness, convincing Sam and Bobby that he’s actually ‘in the family way’ … and telling his own brother that he’s the baby daddy. Then it’s nine months of Bobby becoming a mother hen, Sam going all Alpha-male crazy … and, oh yeah, dealing with a pregnancy that might actually kill him.

Warnings: In case you didn’t follow this here from the mpregbb MPREG!! MALE PREGNANCY!! BEWARE! Unless you LIKE that trope… then WELCOME!!! 8D Lots of cursing, a wee bit gory at points, creepy old women, possible spoilers up through Season 7, Wincesty-ness

Artist: sonten
Link to Master Art Post:

Opinion:Wincest, cursed!Dean get pregnant.  A very, very enjoyable fic, the guys are so sweet and funny, after all the angst last season I needed the laugh. Really, if you don’t mind the MPREG, you must loved it.

Imagine you’re pregnant and overdue with multiples and one day a gang of punks snatched you off the streets and hold you ransom. Legs and arms bound, a gag in your mouth, you’re terrified when alluva sudden you feel a white hot pain stab you in your humongous belly, forcing you to writhe like an eel on the floor. Something crowds between your legs. You go to push. only to realize you can’t spread your legs meanwhile the pressure keeps building and building inside as all your babies desperately want out. 

Five Nights in WTF Is This


So just looking at this picture, we have what appears to be a Caucasian North Korea, an Illinois that stepped out of Black Butler, a 2P!Illinois that is exactly the same but blue, a 3P!North Korea with heterochrommia iridium and a 2p!North Korea that appears to be bleeding from the hair.

Someone hold me


If you don’t like my OCs. There is (back space icon) button.

ADDED 2P! Illinois!


Illinois does indeed have a Prussia hawk tattoo’d on his back.


Why? Why on Earth would Illinois have the symbol of Prussia anywhere on his person?

And why the fuck is there an apostrophe instead of an E in tattooed?

ADDED BOTH 2P!NK’. One based off of my 2p!Iggy and one based off of the official 2p!Iggy.

1. 2Ps are so unnecessary, especially when your 1P still needs a lot of work

2. There is no official 2P!England design. There is a 2P!Nyo!England design, but there is no official 2P! design for male England.

3. We shouldn’t be able to look at your OC and know who it’s based off

2P Illinois acts like America but with extra sweetness.


NEVER use another character to describe your character. It makes you look lazy and tells us you’re blatantly ripping off another character to use as your own.

To be honest complaining that a Hetalia OC has a scar is retarded. CHINA HAS A SCAR ON HIS BACK! Jeeze.

Who’s complaining about OCs having scars?

Illinois is 5’ 0”. 

North Korea’s appetite is like Allen Walker’s from D. Gray-man or something.  His stomach is like a black hole.

Why? Is this supposed to be a joke abut starvation in North Korea? Because that’s not funny, but I’m not sure this person even knows enough about North Korea to know that.

Illinois Birthday is December 3.

I live in Illinois you bloody gits. :U 

That doesn’t excuse making an inaccurate offensive OC about it

So that’s why I made Illinois based Hetalia OC.

Hair is shaded.

No it’s pretty much pure white

North Korea is strong despite his 3’ 10” height. He is short because he got sick as a kid and it stunted his growth.

3’10”? Do you know how short that is? Here’s a handy-dandy comparison chart (the red line being this NK OC):


Yeah Koreans are generally shorter than White or Black people (on average), but 3’10” is ridiculous. The average height of a North Korean man is about 5’4”.

Yes North Korea has Heterochromia iridum. I like his duo-coloured eyes. I like his green and brown combo. 

Just because you like it doesn’t mean it’s appropriate here. When you make a Hetalia OC you’re representing a people; you can’t just do whatever the hell you want.

Due to his age and small size his government doesn’t listen to him so that’s why his country is horrible.

Wow holy shit you’re offensive.

FYI the Hetalia characters also represent their governments, so a NK OC isn’t some saint telling his country not to do what they’re doing. And while yeah, NK is messed up and the government represses their people a lot, just casually calling the country “horrible” isn’t something you should be doing.

He also gets stuck in the washer a lot. Sometimes the dryer. He’s trying to put his clothes in and he falls in and it ends up closing on him.



His personality? Childish, clumsy(he gets stuck in a lot of places), cute, optimistic, and cute. Though when he was possessed by a evil spirit he was psychotic.

Do you even know what North Korea is

His father is England while his mother is Korea(I call Mama Korea usually, her human name is Eun Im).





DO you know anything about North Korea

Illinois is 5’ 0”. He is 14. He’s also is very foul mouthed, and quite the hot head. He is a gay boy. His human name is Ice C. Jones.

Why is he only 14

What the fuck king of a name is Ice C.

Is he some kind of rapper or what

And do you know shit about Illinois stereotypes because I don’t think you do

lli has one eye as he lost his right eye the day of the Great Chicago Fire.

That was in 1871. He should be better by now.

America panicked that day thinking he would lose his son. While America is his dad Prussia is his mom.





Okay first off the whole idea of the states being America’s children is monumentally stupid, since at least 13 of them are OLDER than he is.

Secondly, Prussia (aside from Baron von Steuben) has had pretty much ZERO influence on America. There is NO reason for him to be involved biologically with ANY state let alone Illinois.

Thirdly (and most importantly, imo), HOW THE FUCK DID A CIS MAN GIVE BIRTH TO A CHILD

Lastly, a message from Lady Satsuki (courtesy of me and MS Paint):


Don’t piss off Lady Satsuki

The “C” in his middle name stands for Cardinal the state bird for Illinois

That’s pretty pointless

I like North Korea’s new hanbok. The old one made him look like a bloody fruitcake.

A burning stake went through his eye. 

Um…why? Are you going to explain that? Or just leave it there?

Illinois hair is far less spiky than it used to be.

North Korea’s parents are: England(dad, he has hey eye brows and his left eye is green like England’s, and that means Sealand is his uncle) and Mama Korea(mom, she died giving birth to North Korea and South Korea). 

Illinois parents are: America(dad, obvious, and Canada is his Uncle/Aunt(femXD)) and Prussia(mom, Illinois eyes are red, well one eye as the other was gourged out, but he gets them from Prussia. So that means Germany is his Uncle/Aunt(femXD).).

Someone didn’t listen to Lady Satsuki. At least North Korea’s birth is physically possible, although it makes arguably less sense than Illinois’ parantage.

Though since England’s his dad he also has a British name last name, Kirkland. Mama Korea’s name was Eun Im(was because she’s dead hetalia-wise because Korea is now North Korea and South Korea in reality).

We know nothing about Korea Hetalia-wise before the split, so don’t talk like your interpretation is the only right one.


Illinois name is Elijah C. Jones.

I thought it was Ice C? Or was that the 2P!?


They have pets too.

Illinois has a pet cardinal named Elibird and North Korea has a Jindo/Wolf hybrid named Gang-aji.

What the fuck is a Jindo/wolf hybrid

Illinois acts like (2p america icon) while his 2p self acts (reuglar america icon) like 





These are hands-down some of the worst Hetalia OC designs I’ve seen. This North Korea is wildly offensive and ignorant and the OC creator seems to think they can pass off their illogical, inaccurate Illinois OC because they live there. Just…wow.


There Goes My Life

Dean stared up his ceiling replaying the last hour in his head.

He had been hanging out with Benny and Jo after school at the Roadhouse when Castiel had walked up to him. They had gone out a few times so he didn’t find it all that odd. Cas had asked him drive him home and Dean had agreed.

When he pulled up in front of the omega’s house, though, he had made no move to get out of the car.

“You okay, Cas?” The alpha had asked.

“No. I…” He had taken a breath and looked at his hands. “I’m pregnant, Dean.”

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