Rae Ann Fera is an experienced journalist, editor, creative curator and content producer. She is currently a writer for Fast Company’s Co.Create, is the programmer and on-stage host for Packaged Goods, a regular screening series featuring ads, shorts and videos at the TIFF Bell Lightbox, and serves as contributing editor for Brief Magazine, published quarterly by PromaxBDA.

Prior, Rae Ann was the editor of Boards magazine, the premier trade publication for the commercial production and creative advertising industry.

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Farrah Bostic is a Brooklyn-based, Oregon-bred digital strategist and an advocate for applying Lean manufacturing and Agile development principles to strategy and creative development. As the founder of The Difference Engine, Farrah works with design agencies, start-ups and established brands to develop customer engagement and acquisition strategies, implement interactive product and service design, and to create opportunities for innovation and continuous improvement. She has been a copywriter, planner, consultant, and innovation lead, at some of the most creative and strategic agencies in the world.

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Zach Lieberman will be leading a workshop that investigates new systems for interaction that move away from the computer screen and into physical space. It will serve as a gentle but thorough introduction to computational approaches, and how software and hardware can be mixed in expressive ways. The course will look at a variety of toolkits, and more specifically at openFrameworks (openframeworks.cc), a cross-platform C++ library for creative coding, and investigate the creative process and how different systems can be connected and combined. We’ll talk in detail about computer vision as well as 3d sensing and visualization, with an eye to key tools, approaches, books, materials and projects that can help us build unique, compelling and engaging projects.

Zach is one of the co-founders of openFrameworks, a C++ library for creative coding. In addition, he makes performances, installations, and on-line works that investigate gestural input, augmentation of the body, kinetic response and magic.

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Liz Danzico is an independent consultant, working with businesses to explore the relationship audiences have with their products and services through design research, information architecture, and design leadership. Recent projects have included Holton Media, MIT Technology Review, The TED Prize, and The Washington Post. Liz is co-founder and chair of the MFA in Interaction Design Program at the School of Visual Arts. Liz is a columnist for Interactions Magazine and Core77, creator of the Dot Dot Dot Lecture series, lectures widely, and serves on the advisory boards for the Austin Center for Design, CreativeMornings, and desigNYC.

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Sheena Matheiken will be presenting the beta launch of the Notabl tool.

Conferences are incredibly fertile grounds for data gathering. Ideas are shared, questions are posed, insights are had. Yet, with the exception of the fleeting twitter stream, there is little orchestrated effort to dig into the cumulative thought processes of the attendees. In her talk, Sheena Matheiken will invite the audience to take part in an open beta experiment introducing a note-taking tool that will help document, visualize and share collective insight from each session at the even

Irish born, Indian raised and Brooklyn based, Sheena Matheiken designs social products and experiences for web, mobile and physical platforms. In 2009, Sheena founded the Uniform Project, a 365 day online creative challenge that went viral and raised over 100k in funds for charity. Following U.P’s success, she was honored as one of Elle Magazine’s Women of the year. Sheena has spoken at TED events and conferences worldwide and believes in the importance of design, not simply as an end in itself, but as the prerequisite that gives all substantial ideas their necessary grounding.
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Join Legwork’s creative team of Aaron Ray and Matt FaJohn in a live projection mapping workshop.
Attendees will not only learn the process of this emerging technique, but they will actually collaborate to create an event in real time using state of the art hardware and a scale model.

Legwork is a small studio in Denver that does work on websites, mobile and web applications, print, illustration, and motion design.

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Harlan Kennedy, the Director of Strategy at VBP Orange will be speaking about The Rewards (and perils) of Swimming Upstream.

As innovation and design firms continue to swim downstream and advertising agencies strive to swim further upstream, the waters are becoming muddied. And so are the words: If a brand is a collection of experiences, then where does “brand” end and “design” begin? Is a company¹s approach to advertising and digital engagement just an extension of its customer experience strategy? (And what if you don¹t have one of those?) Who’s bridging these gaps? At the end of the day, who is best equipped to deliver value for customers and clients?
What does this debate look like from the inside?

Independent San Francisco ad agency Venables Bell & Partners has gotten ahead of the upstream movement by starting vbp orange, a brand innovation consultancy that bridges strategy and design. A year out of the gate, orange is reengineering Audi’s customer experience, in addition to conducting strategic and design projects for Stanford Media X, ZER01, March of Dimes, and Italian bank Fineco.
In his talk, Harlan Kennedy, orange’s director of strategy, will explain orange’s origins, explore reasons why this endeavor may not always make sense for an ad agency, and give advice for how those with upstream aspirations can push through those barriers to challenge the assumptions of what agencies can and can’t do.

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Andrew Bell, Lead Architect of Cinder will be doing a talk called “Beyond the Hack”.

Creative coding is rapidly ascending to a position of prominence within our industry. This session will examine the past, present and future of creative coding as a professional discipline, as well as how the Cinder C++ library fits into this landscape. The talk will go into concrete examples of how creative agencies all over the world are elevating creative coding beyond hacking and experimentation to shipped, billable projects.

Cinder is a peer-reviewed, free, open source C++ library for creative coding. It provides a powerful, intuitive toolbox for programming graphics, audio, video, networking, image processing and computational geometry.

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Lindsay Levkoff, the director of education at SparkFun Electronics will be leading a workshop on “Creating Physical Interfaces.”

In this world of closed APIs and creativity-limiting web interactions, we often forget that interfaces can stretch beyond the keyboard, mouse, and touchscreen. Looking to stretch the limit of what can be used as an interface? Join us for “Creating Physical Interfaces” where we’ll cover the basics of programming the Arduino microcontroller as well as interfacing with the Danger Shield. The shield comes complete with linear potentiometers, light sensors, and buttons that you can integrate into embedded projects, use as interfaces to processing sketches, and more!

SparkFun Electronics is a Boulder-based company that specializes in helping electronics enthusiasts get the parts and resources they need. SparkFun’s Department of Education is dedicated to improving the way today’s youth participates in and views science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.

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Nathan Martin, CEO and Creative Director of Deeplocal, will discuss their innovation studio’s unique approach for dreaming up and executing creative, moving ideas in impossibly short time frames.

Deeplocal is an internationally acclaimed innovation studio that is most known for building compelling experiences that link the real and online worlds and provoke conversation. Deeplocal spun out of the world’s leading robotics school, Carnegie Mellon, and has been instrumental in shaping innovation in the ad industry.

Prior to founding Deeplocal in 2006, Nathan was a founding member of an art group and a touring punk/metal band and spoke, toured, and exhibited internationally. Nathan has received numerous awards and recognitions for his work in art, music, and technology.

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Frank Rose, the author of The Art of Immersion, will be doing a talk on Embracing Analog.

Living in a post-digital world means accepting that we as humans are not digital and never will be. As digital becomes ubiquitous and routine, we find that what’s increasingly scarce, and therefore valuable, is the time we DON’T spend online or in front of a screen—the time we spend with real people and real things. This is why, as JWT observed in a recent trend report, “people are fetishizing the physical and the tactile.” Not because we’re abandoning digital—it’s far too powerful, useful, and addictive for that—but because digital can never be more than an approximation of analog reality. For brands, companies, institutions, and individuals, the implications are profound.

Frank Rose has worked as a contributing editor at Wired and a contributing writer at Fortune. Among his other books is the national best-seller West of Eden: The End of Innocence at Apple Computer.

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