Giunse alfin il momento … Deh, vieni, non tardar from Mozart’s Le nozze di Figaro, sung by Pierrette Alarie.

Classical Pieces You’ve Heard but Might Not Remember the Name #3

And yet another!

Parts 1 & 2

Shit I Don’t Like

I really hate going to youtube and reading comments by some pretentious asshole who talks down about certain era’s of classical music. For example, I was looking at the score to Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E minor, and some guy commented, “I really like the part where it ends”, and some dick said “Fuck you man. You probably listen to that modern shit anyway.” And I was fucking offended because I’m a composer of “modern” classical music, and luckily some guy was like “He was probably talking about how badass the end of the movement was…”, and it had to be because the end was dope.

But, that leads me to my main point. Musicians looking down on modern music. Like, I get it, Beethoven was great, Mozart did the damn thing, Haydn surprised us from time to time and we liked it. But you weren’t born in the fucking 18th century…. To say that music produced after that is shit is really fucked up, and you basically prove that you’re ignorant as fuck. Like, you don’t have to like everything you listen to. No one does, but to completely discredit someone’s art because it doesn’t sound like the “classical music” you grew up with is wrong. Just because you can’t go away singing a melody doesn’t mean it’s not music. You can’t really sing a Bach fugue, but he doesn’t get shit about it. Just because you can’t hear a I-IV-V-I progression, doesn’t mean it’s not music. Just because you are uncomfortable playing it, doesn’t mean it’s not music. 

Omg, and the argument that gets me is when people are just riding the tip of old classical composers like “That was the best time in music. It was great! They loved music. They wrote music all the time.” Like, nigga… No. Noooo. NO. Stop, because you’re clearly uneducated. In the 17th and 18th centuries, musicians were fucking slaves. They worked for a king, they were paid poorly, and they were on staff with the servants. Like, what sane man wants to fucking write a new symphony every week? Haydn was pissed. Music wasn’t a fucking leisure activity, it was a means of survival. Honestly, if you were rich, like Mozart, then music was fun, but not everyone was rich like Mozart. 

Now, I’m not attacking anyone’s intellect (maybe a little bit), and I’m not saying don’t listen to old classical music. All I’m saying is educate yourself. Listen to the music of your time. You didn’t roam the Earth with Beethoven. Read a fucking history book. Don’t discredit people’s art because you don’t like it. Just because you can’t play it doesn’t mean it’s garbage. And even if you don’t like it and never listen to it, just acknowledge the fact that it’s out there and it’s being performed and the composer worked just as hard as Mozart and the gang to create it. Stop art shaming because it doesn’t sound like something that you heard off looney tunes when you were 3, okay? Chill.

And that’s my rant

I don’t want to write poetry anymore
I want to live it
There are enough sonatas in your stare
Worthy wordy odes in every moment you step on and off
This wretched uninspired Earth
Your kiss is worth more than the entire works of Walt Whitman
Throw them into the smoldering pyre which is your heart
in whose beats and rhythm I perceive more pure beauty
than the pale imitations proffered by Mozart, Moby, and Bob Dylan
I don’t want to need to write poetry anymore
Let your lips mark the death of a poet
I want to feel the warmth of Shakespeare in your breath against my neck
To no longer put pen to paper
But live the page.
—  I don’t want to write poetry anymore.