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Legacy FC 37 - Updated Fight Card for Houston, TX

Legacy FC 37 – Fight Card for Nov. 14th in Houston

Main Card

145 lbs.: Leonard Garcia (18-12-1) vs. Daniel Pineda (18-11)

155 lbs.: Justin Reiswerg (8-3) vs. Mike Bronzoulis (15-8)

185 lbs.: Quentin Henry (6-1) vs. Larry Crowe (8-3)

135 lbs.: Augusto Mendes (2-0) vs. Bruno Viana (8-0)

170 lbs.: Geoff Neal Jr (4-1) vs. Charlie Ontiveros (5-2)

170 lbs.: Antonio Flores (5-5) vs. Jonathan Harris (8-4)


135 lbs.: Levi Mowles (0-0) vs. Adrian Yanez (1-0)

125 lbs.: David Acosta (1-0) vs. Mike Trihn (0-0)

155 lbs.: Jacob Silva (0-0) vs. Mike Deleon (0-0)

155 lbs.: Ralph Garcia (0-0) vs. Jason Langellier (0-0)

105 lbs.: TBD vs. Stephanie Alba (0-0)



This has almost certainly been said before some place else. Heck, i might have said it a while ago. Doesn’t make it any less true though:

It’s only now that we’re seeing shows that incorporate ideas and concepts from Japanese programming in a more subtle and nuanced way. One great example of this? Steven Universe.

If you know your anime, you’ll know that most anime intended for a mainstream audience tends to be categorised into distinct genres, which are usually named after the demographic it’s aimed at. Shonen anime, for example, is stuff aimed at young and adolescent boys and is the realm of stuff like Dragon Ball and One Piece.

Shojo anime, meanwhile, is for the same age range but for girls instead. And one of the biggest sub-genres of Shojo anime is Magical Girls anime. These sort of shows tend to involve a group of usually teenage girls who gain special powers and fight evil monsters every week, often while wearing colour-coded costumes. Some classic examples of this are shows like Revolutionary Girl Utena and of course Sailor Moon.

So what has Steven Universe got to do with this? Well, he we have an animated show about a trio of women who are a race of human-like beings called the Crystal Gems. The three of them wear colour-coded clothing, each have special powers and specific weapons, and they often fight evil. So, up to this point, it’s basically a magical girls show. And here’s where the magic comes in: see, there used to be four of these Crystal Gems, until one of them, Rose Quartz, died. But before she died, she gave birth to a half-human, half-Gem child which the remaining original Gems now raise and act as both parental and mentor figures for. And what is this child, you ask? A little boy. A little, super-positive boy!

Think about that for once second, because if you strip the show to its core, you’d realise that this show is essentially a magical girls show that just so happens to have a boy as its lead protagonist. And that’s the progressive genius of Steven Universe; by having a super-happy male protagonist grow up looking up to three women who all come from a world that exhibits a lot of things from something that is usually seen as ‘girly’ or ‘not for boys’, it helps plant the idea in people’s minds that anybody can enjoy these things, not just ‘girls’ as some would say. I think this is a really great idea, especially since this is on a kids network.

So uh

The Boxtrolls comes out early over here, really early. Literally a month or so before it comes out in the US.

I’ll be catching an early preview this weekend if I can

Also, I felt that Tomodachi Life got really boring after only a few hours, so I exchanged it for a copy of New Super Mario Bros 2. I know a lot of people say that NSMB2 is too similar to previous titles, but the core gameplay is still fun all the same.

I feel like I need to break with the past a little, so I’m going to be changing the name of this blog again soon to ‘thisismowl’. Just a heads up, since Tumblr doesn’t notify you if someone has changed their username.

I’ve got a really bad cold

On the plus side though, as I was reading some Lego books in my local bookstore, I was inspired by an idea: they should make a Steven Universe lego set. I mean, they’re already making sets for adventure time apparently, so why not other Cartoon Network properties?

I even imagined myself making SU mini figs by myself. I’d likely need a ‘short’ Minifig for Steven (think the Hobbit ones), but I think I could make the others just fine with the right know how.

I might try building places from the show in Minecraft too, if I can