Why don’t they make cat carriers out of cardboard because I am 105% sure that that would be much easier than trying to transport a mowling fluffball of adorable death

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Police beat Aug. 26

Copper leads stolen: Richard S. Mowl Jr. of 254 Mowl Road, Amwell, told state police Friday copper welding leads and an extension cord were stolen from a Quonset hut on his property.

Police beat Aug. 26

Thank goodness the Tumblr mobile apps finally have searching by tag within a single blog. It was really frustrating to have to go on the webpage of someone’s blog just to do this before.

Just got back from the new Sin City movie, Ehh, it was alright I guess, and it’s as stylish as ever. The main story was pretty good, although unfortunately the same can’t be said for the other shorter stories.

The ending to the first short story with Joseph Gordon-Levett in it flat out sucked. The world of Sin City is full of crazed cannibals, prostitutes with machine guns and other macho over-the-top stuff, and yet you end this story with such a lousy and underwhelming pay off? Come on! You’d think with Robert Rodriguez on board, this story would be a lot cooler and crazier than what it was. Come to think of it, that story was pretty pedestrian all around. Not to mention the ending made a whole chunk of that story redundant and a complete waste of time.

The other short story wasn’t that great either. It’s supposed to take place after one of the stories from the first film, but like the first short story it was pretty underwhelming. The main villain of the film wasn’t very interesting. Here we have a bad guy whose relatives — both of whom were in the first film — were way more interesting baddies than he is. He’s a corrupt senator, that’s all. I guess it’s cool he got killed at the end, but again, it was underwhelming.

My recommendation? Go watch the first film instead, it’s on my country’s Netflix, so maybe it’s on yours too.

I don’t know if this is new to this patch, but this is great too: Y’know how when you touch the top bar of your iDevice, it always scrolls back to the top? That can be really annoying when you accidentally do this after you’ve scrolled a lot.

Well, Tumblr has added a button that let’s you return to the spot you were at automatically, meaning you no longer have to scroll all the way back down to where you were.

One of these days, I might start watching Friendship is Magic again. From the beginning.


I’m will watch them on my own, without looking at what the fandom’s reaction was to it.

It’s not that I hate the fandom or anything, it’s just that I think its obsession with theories based on fanwork that is obviously more epic, serious and sometimes more adult than the source material will ever be kinda ruined my enjoyment of the show initially. By watching it on my own, I want to see if I can appreciate the show for what it is: an animated series squarely aimed at kids, designed to teach them the value of friendship.

(thanks hamigakimomo for inspiring me to do this)

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