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what's your favorite blog?

It’s hard to pick just one! Some blogs I really love recently are: graphicdesignandtattoos, moviesincolor, andygin, raindears, crystalisms, islandchai, and girlpacific!

Some people I really enjoy on tumblr are, nattygeographic, coolcatrostam, baiolicious, basicallyalien, nakednrg, grandpaduke and thesweetestnirvana !

All great, check em out!

Color us Obsessed

Pardon us, but we’re a little obsessed with the idea behind Movies in Color, a tumblr that features stills from classic films along with their corresponding color palettes. The idea is simple, but as you scroll through the stills, it’s hard to ignore the distinct moods and tones brought out by the use of different color palettes. 

Grab some popcorn and open up photoshop. We have a feeling you’ll be scrolling through it for a while. 


Where the Wild Things Are, 2009
Cinematography: Lance Acord


Blade Runner, 1982
Cinematography: Jordan Cronenweth


12 Years a Slave, 2013
Cinematography: Sean Bobbitt


Pierrot le Fou, 1965
Cinematography: Raoul Coutard


Doubt, 2008
Cinematography: Roger Deakins


Elf, 2003
Cinematography: Greg Gardiner

Movies in Color

 «A blog featuring stills from films and their corresponding color palettes»

Movies in Color is one of my favourite blogs on Tumblr. It shows movie stills and the colours which belongs to the stills. It is updated daily and a joy to see on my dash. 



Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s Amélie and Inglorious Bastards from Quentin Tarantino.

(All photography rights go to their owners and of course the very lovely

Movies in Color is a conceptual blog which considers the use of color in cinematography! I think this is an awesome idea, especially because color is something that we take for granted while watching movies. So much can be conveyed in a color scheme—emotion, tone, and a sense of time and space. This blog focuses on particular scenes, but it’d be even better to see a summarized color scheme for a movie—as these artistic movies tend to have (Most of her posts are from directors known for their artistry; Kubrick, Tarantino, Coen Bros, Wes Anderson). Here are some of my favorite movies that she focused on: 

Pulp Fiction

The bright colors in this scene of Pulp Fiction evoke a retro sense. They are so unnatural that we can assume its a fictional, fabricated setting (and indeed the 50’s-themed restaurant is).

The Royal Tenenbaums

Everything in an Anderson movie seems perfectly planned out, and this is really clear from the color scheme below. 

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Hello everyone! Movies In Color now has its own place in the Facebook universe. For all updates on the website, palettes, and for fun announcements & graphics, please follow the Movies In Color Facebook page here.

Can you guess which movie the palette in the cover photo is from?