Why I Dont (as an African American woman) like Tyler Perry Films

Yes, I am African American not fond of Tyler Perry films. Madea is literally the embodiment of all the negative stereotypes of African American women. She’s loud, she’s obnoxious, she’s ignorant, doesn’t care what she’s doing unless it involves her, she’s crazy, and she’s gigantic in stature and size. Ladies, I really don’t see Madea as a positive representation of African American film, do you? Tyler Perry’s films are overdramatic, and cheesy, and although I’m all for the black filmmaker (seriously I am) I wish he would stop making these movies, that make us look like jokes to everyone else!

I will say that I do admire his work ethic though. There’s no other black filmmaker that can say they basically own TBS, but I just don’t like his methods of portraying African Americans.

so in case anyone was wondering my title is a reference to the movies Inception which is one of my favorites, and a song from Rent which is a movie/musical that I love. (yes i know Rent as a musical came first!)