Putting in headphones and going on walks and sitting in parks and watching people while having tunes run through my head. Drinking coffee in a cold place. Cuddling up skin on skin with someone you love. Clean sheets. Staying up late and watching tv shows that you enjoy. Knowing that someone loves you. Helping people. Giving something to someone on the street who clearly needs a pick me up. Like spare change or a bottle of water or some food. Talking to people who need some love. Going to concerts. Meeting bands. Reading a good book. Finding truth in the bible. Praying. Doodling. Journaling. Finding people who understand you. Making new friends. Long drives with the windows down and music blasting. Long phone calls. Road trips. Camping. Catching a fish. Petting puppies and kittens. Falling in love. Buying new sweaters and flannels. Going to bed with a smile. This is what makes me happy.
—  First things that came to mind when someone asked what makes me happy