Everyone is going crazy because of their ships again and I’m just sitting here like

What happened to this? 
I actually really laughed at this panel:

Look at this big-ass TV. I wonder what kind of shows they watch… do they even have a news channel?

I just saw the K-project movie Missing Kings (warning: me ranting about anime, and probably some spoilers)

and I’m sitting here like: why? There was so much potential and you did nothing with it!

The main problem is for me is probably that K has so many interesting characters that they have done so little with. I need backstories and character development. I don’t need Yata to be depressed for ten seconds of the movie and for it him to miraculously be happy again after saving Anna. Just to give an example. It feels like they tried to cram so much into one movie that they couldn’t fit more than half of the movie into the actual movie.

The pacing seems completely off and it honestly feels like they’ve put more effort into the scenery than the characters themselves dealing with what happened. A year has passed and you’re only going to acknowledge that by having one character mention it in a conversation in the beginning of the movie?

I was hoping for more depth into Homra after Mikoto’s death. How did Kusanagi know Anna was the new king? Why did they all leave if they still had their powers?! I need Yata and Fushimi acknowledging the fact that Yata basically told him he was the only one left to turn to?

I wanted Neko and Kuro to actually be shown looking for Shiro. Also why couldn’t they use their king’s powers? Or why didn’t they use them if they could? None of this makes sense!

Why is the green king looking to kill the new red king? Why is Anna a threat to him? We have literally never heard of this dude, but oh his clansmen can walk through walls????!!!! I think that’s a pretty specific thing that could’ve been mentioned sometime earlier?

And I want Anna and Munakata interacting, because who else can she turn to with her new abilities?

Also: who ends a movie like that????

I just miss having a big group of girl friends you know I miss opinions on outfits via group chats I miss shit talking bitches we hate at 3am I miss crying over boys we know don’t deserve each other I miss selfies taken because we know the other looks fierce I miss binge watching tv shows and movies no one else would watch I miss drinking too much wine and going from crying to laughing in two minutes flat I miss laughing so hard my tummy aches I miss openly chatting about girl crap I miss not having to worry whether the person I talk to won’t understand I miss hugs and kisses you can only get from a girl friend whether she’s drunk or sober I just miss what I used to have SO MUCH

anonymous asked:

I like Star Wars too. Can I come with you to watch the 7th movie, Pagan? I promise I won't drink too much before the start of the movie this time. Please. Gary :-)

When did you get a blog? What do you even blog about, cleaning my toilets? Killing honey badgers?

I suppose you can come see the movie. I’m going to need someone to carry my luggage anyway.

Thanks for 200!

Sometimes I get cravings. For specific foods, to watch or read something, just as most people do. Right now I’m craving someone. Is it someone specific? Maybe, I don’t even know. But what I do know is I just want to be tangled up in someone else’s body. Not in a sexual way, not right now at least. I just want to be somewhere other than here, with my limbs wrapped in someone else’s. Maybe we are both reading, or watching a movie. Well, not so much watching or reading. I would be too distracted with said person. Studying their every movement, noticing how high their chest rises with each breath, hearing how soft or how hard their heart beats the closer I get. I want to dance my fingers over their skin exploring every inch of it like an intricate map leading to my own heart. As I drift closer and closer to sleep I know it’s going to turn into a dream which is an exciting thought. But the thought of waking up alone quickly takes its place. Before I can dwell on that too much I remind myself that it’s just not the time. Right now there are other things I need to focus on in life. One day, one day soon I will have time like the time I am about to dream about and I’m going to cherish every moment of it.

People are more addicting than the worst of drugs.