Today in the car

Brother: There are actually men’s right.s activists?

Me: Unfortunately.

Brother: But why? They already have all the rights?

Me: I’m so proud of you right now.

I see tumblr loves the Legally Blonde movie

May I direct you to

Legally Blonde The Musical

It provides hella catchy songs, more character development for characters like Paulette, Emmet and Vivian

Keeps and strenghtens the original messages

Hella good dance numbers

Elle’s friends serve even more purpose as they function as her ‘Greek chorus’ during her time at Harvard

It’s hilarious

The UPS guy has a porn theme tune that plays whenever he enters a room

Did I mention the fantastic tunes (seriously if you’re a sceptic just try at least the first song, it starts immediately just hear through it)

Here you can watch a professional filming (MTV) of the whole musical, if you want lyrics during the songs there’s also this singalong version (the first minute is cut off for some reason, everything else is the same but with lyrics)

There are some random intermissions and behind-the-scenes sometimes but you can just skip ahead if you want since it’s Youtube


Go watch it now it’s amazing

“The Escort” - Digital Oil Painting

Cursed Storybrooke AU where Lacey is a high class escort and Mr Gold is her client.

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.

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We need horror movies about glitches in the matrix. Where small things get changed here and there or people end up going missing that the main character knew, but that no one else seems to remember. Where an event comes up on the news one day and it’s this huge thing, hundreds dead, but the next day, not one but the main character remembers the event and everyone things the MC just needs to rest. But the MC knows what they saw, they know it was real. Then more people start disappearing and the MC get stuck in a deja vu loop and it’s terrifying as shit because the audience get caught in it too because when things change it’s so subtle that the audience isn’t even sure that it happened. And the people that go missing aren’t even secondary characters really, so why would the audience remember them. But then the audience will start noticing changes that the MC doesn’t pick up on and the MC will find changes that the audience missed and no one will know what the fuck is going on and why things as so mixed up until the MC looks in the mirror and their face isn’t the face of the actor we’ve been seeing for the whole movie, how the fuck did we miss that? And someone calls out the character’s name, but it’s not the name we’ve heard them called the whole movie. And we think that the MC is going to start some shit and get freaked out, but instead they reply back like nothing is wrong and then the movie ends. 


NSP Theme Song Orchestral Cover by Gooseworx

This video has less than 5,000 views, people.   Do you have any idea how wrong that is?  FIX IT.  Go and watch this shit right fucking now and tell Goose how awesome this is.  I’m totally being the anti-Levar Burton on Reading Rainbow right now: take my word for it, this video is goddamn amazing.  

I mean, lookit: it’s the NSP theme song covered by an orchestra.  That’s pretty much all I have to say.  If that sentence alone doesn’t tell you how freaking epic this is, then I don’t even know what ever could convince you.

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