“Close Encounters”, an assignment we did at school to learn about After Effects and it’s 3D camera. We got a bunch of assets that may or may not have been related to the assignment, so naturaly I used ALL OF THEM as well as finding a few others on youtube. Had a lot of fun as you can tell.

Please watch with audio ;)

6th March 2015

Teacher: Uri Kranot

Noble War Quadreagle (better name pending plz)

One of my ideas Monday was to create a vicious beast that was yet used for riding by some tiny elves or something, as a warbeast, as the thing is aggressive and carnivorous. So after getting to a shape we liked, I rendered a bit more and tried to slap some gear on - I want it to have some visual interest so this is one way. I actually started with a deer, and it generally retains that upright, alert posture. Maybe this guy would be more leggy than an urban quadreagle, to emphasize the fatty thick skin around the feet.

Pigs and ancient ungulates have awesome feet by the way.

Edit: Wow! Thanks for all the attention today. Finished animated product here

! PLEASE UNMUTE ! this is a DANCE animation!

This was my improved idea for a dance animation because the last one was too pose-to-pose for me so I went straight ahead for this one and I think it turned out flowing way better.

23 Jan 2015

Teacher: Mike Nguyen


Tyler Lockwood Appreciation Week

Day 1: Favourite Tyler Moment

I love so many Tyler scenes so choosing just one was almost impossible to do. But this is probably my favourite Tyler moment not just because there was Forwood (swoon), but because you get to see that Tyler is guarded. He has walls and he wants to let Caroline in but he’s scared of getting turned down again so he wants her to make the first move. And I was probably reading into this a little too much but I felt that he wanted her to make the first move because he knew by this point in time that he had completely fallen for her (they had spent all summer together) and getting rejected a second time would hurt a lot more than the first time. So I love how he basically said to her, if you wanna be with me you can but you have to tell me that yourself. And because he put his heart on the line, he was rewarded and was happy when SHE finally kissed HIM!!


Hey guys, heres a summary of all the work I’ve done for the last six months or so at theanimationworkshop put into a delightful 3 or so minute showreel!

Additional credits:
Marta Milczarek / perplexingly
Signe Cold / Blogspot
Kristian Bonne / Blogspot
Marie Post / marie-post
Paul ter Voorde / paultervoorde / Youtube