When the ferocious “Monster Book of Monsters” scampered into “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,” collectors of Hogwarts memorabilia couldn’t wait to get their hands on the required reading for Hagrid’s Care of Magical Creatures class.

Now they can.


I like to think that Harry is the one that cooks, because Draco never had to do that for himself or learned as a child.

Draco is always cleaning the house and telling Harry to pick up after himself. He can’t stand a mess.

Harry is always the one that pouts when Draco won’t give him attention. Draco acts like he hates it, but he always gives in.

Draco is more aggressive in bed. Harry doesn’t mind one bit.

Harry always sleeps in late, and Draco always wakes up super early.

Draco always tries to tame Harry’s hair and acts like he hates it, but he honestly loves that it can never lay right.

Harry likes to stay up late and just watch Draco sleep. Draco always goes to bed early, and Harry loves to make fun of him for it.

Draco is always the most stubborn during fights, and he cries the most during them.

Harry likes to watch Draco watch Disney movies, cause Draco always cries at the sentimental parts.

Draco always indirectly asks Harry for reassurance, but Harry never points it out when he does. He knows Draco can be insecure.

Harry is the cuddle bug. He gets upset when Draco says he needs space to himself on the couch.

Draco loves wearing Harry’s t-shirts to bed. Harry tells him he can wear them during the day, but Draco doesn’t like that idea. He loves wearing his suits. 

Harry always gets himself hurt at work, and it drives Draco mad. Draco has a heart attack every time Harry ends up with a single cut.

Draco is the most protective. 

Harry is always the one to give in during fights. He hates seeing Draco upset.

Draco takes the longest to get done in the morning (even though he always takes quick showers), and sometimes Harry will jinx his hair brush just to annoy him.

Harry takes the longest to shower in the mornings. He falls asleep in there, and that leaves Draco always pounding on the bathroom door. 

Draco always puts his cold hands/feet on Harry. Harry is very warm-blooded.

Harry hates texting and emojis, but Draco makes him use them to send him cute little hearts.

Draco decorates around the house for all the holidays. Harry acts like he hates the decorations and thinks they’re silly, but he secretly loves them.

Harry laughs the most during sex. He can’t take it seriously sometimes.

Draco always reads books during the afternoon and falls asleep. Harry just places Draco’s head on his lap once he does and strokes his hair.

Harry always falls asleep during movies, and Draco gets annoyed with him when he misses their favorite part.

Draco was the one to propose, and it took Harry by surprise. 

Harry kissed Draco first. It was unexpected and on the quidditch field after a match. They were left arguing as their teams went to shower.

Draco is the jealous one. Harry sometimes is too, but it happens to Draco more often.

Harry hexes anyone who judges Draco for his past, but he gets away with it cause of his high status as an Auror.

Draco told Arthur and Molly they were getting married, because Harry was too afraid to say anything. Molly cried tears of joy, and Arthur just smiled.

Hermione found Draco and Harry kissing once in the Room of Requirement. She knew about them for three years before Ron found out.

Ron was very accepting of Harry being gay, but it took him awhile to understand why he loved Draco. Draco and Ron always tried to act like they hated each other after that, but they truly liked each other.

Ginny became best friends with Draco. They loved to talk about quidditch and went shopping together.

Draco always snores, but he tries to deny it the next morning.

Harry worked with Hermione to create a spell to get rid of Draco’s dark mark, and Draco cried tears of joy when he saw it was gone.

Draco and Harry are in love.