Day 13: Underrated Movie
Grandma’s Boy
This is one of those 2005 era comedy films that you catch on Comedy Central while flipping through channels, but the weird thing is: it’s actually good. (Imo of course).
It’s a silly stoner comedy about a video game designer who has to move in with his grandma and her two friends after losing his house.
This movie flopped when it was released and critics didn’t like it, but fans did and they bought it and it made its money back.
This movie is really funny to me. A guy loses his house because his roomie spent the rent money on “massage therapist”, a grandma and her friends all become stoners because they mistook weed for tea, a guy buys a lion, and a monkey drives a car. What’s not to love?
This movie is also a bit nostalgic for me because I saw it a lot on TV when I was younger and it always made me laugh.
I think this film deserves a lot more attention than it got.
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