Bruges (It's in Belgium)

“It’s a fairytale town, isn’t it? How’s a fairytale town not somebody’s f’ing thing? How can all those canals and bridges and cobbled streets and those churches, all that beautiful f’ing fairytale stuff…” - In Bruges (2008)

I don’t know how many movie quotes we managed to slip in, probably a million. This was such an amazing little mini break and if you haven’t been before you MUST.


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For what it’s worth: it’s never too late. There’s no time limit, stop whenever you want. You can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you make the best of it. And I hope you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you never felt before. I hope you meet people with a different point of view. I hope you live a life you’re proud of. If you find that you’re not, I hope you have the courage to start all over again.


So what? I had my suspicions. I always did. But we’re not like other people. We love each other in our own way, and we can have the life together that we want. You won’t be the perfect husband? I can promise you I harboured no intention of being the perfect wife. I’ll not be fixing your lamb all day, while you come home from the office, will I? I’ll work. You’ll work. And we’ll have each other’s company. We’ll have each other’s minds. Sounds like a better marriage than most. Because I care for you. And you care for me. And we understand one another more than anyone else ever has.
—  Joan Clarke in “The Imitation Game”

ugly-hurts asked:

Pretty little liars

Top 5 favourite characters: Emily, Alison, Hanna, Caleb and Mona
Other characters you like: Ezra, Aria, Spencer, well almost all of them
Least favourite characters: Paige, Sydney and Jackie
Otps: Emison, Haleb, Spoby
Notps: Paily, Noel + Ali, 
Favourite friendships: Hannily, Sparia
Favourite family: The Marins
Favourite episodes: 5x05, 1x09, 2x25
Favourite season/book/movie: Season 4
Favourite quotes: How about forever?, Sometimes you poke the bear and other times the bear pokes you; Those kisses weren’t just for practice.
Best musical moment: they don’t have that musical moments but my favorite PLL songs are The Devil Within and Bad Things
Moment that made you fangirl/boy the hardest: EMISON KISS
When it really disappointed you: when emily and paige got back together just like that, they didn’t talk or anything
Saddest moment: Mona’s death and Mike sobbing
Most well done character death: Emily had good character development
Favourite guest star: um idk… 
Favourite cast member: Shay, Sasha and Ashley but I love all of them
Character you wish was still alive: Mona
One thing you hope really happens: Emison
Most shocking twist: Mona being revealed as A (that was where PLL things still shocked me hahah)
When did you start watching/reading?: 2013 or 2012 something like that
Best animal/creature: Pepe and Tippi
Favourite location: The kissing rock
Trope you wish they would stop using: idk haha
One thing this show/book/film does better than others: the cast stays connected with us via social media, i guess
Funniest moments: aria using the rape whistle hahah
Couple you would like to see: emison
Actor/Actress you want to join the cast: myself haha… Rita Volk or Natasha Negovanlis 
Favourite outfit: most of the stuff emily wears
Favourite item: aria’s big earrings 
Do you own anything related to this show/book/film?: a lot of things
What house/team/group/friendship group/family/race etc would you be in?: the DiLaurentis or the Marins
Most boring plotline: paige’s story because she didn’t really do anything
Most laughably bad moment: aria using a rape whistle
Best flashback/flashfoward if any: how about forever flashback
Most layered character: Mona or Ali
Most one dimensional character: Paige or Jenna
Scariest moment: emily almost being cut in 2
Grossest moment: organs falling out of a teddy bear
Best looking male: Drew, Keegan, Tyler and Ian
Best looking female: SHAY, Sasha, Troian, Lucy and Ash
Who you’re crushing on (if any): shay…
Favourite cast moment: too much to list haha
Favourite transportation: idk… probaly the halloween train

At what point did you fall in love with this show/book:
the second time I watched the pilot (2013)

Thanks for asking :)