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Janel Parrish & Val - Jazz - DWTS 19 (Movie Night)

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Janel Parrish & Val - Movie Night Jazz Routine!


DaiSuga gif invasion. It’s my 2nd attempt in gif-making and I wanted to check what are the limitations. But it still was pure pleasure to paint those two cutie pies.

Managing to draw their limbs in a manner that COULD actually take place in real life was surprisingly hard! What do people do with their arms and legs when they sleep together?! 【・ヘ・?】

Idea based on this by kou-mo-chu:

Imagine Daisuga movie night. They fall asleep on each other after watching a movie on the lounge, a tangle of limbs as they slumber.

DISGUSTING i bet they watch some classic chick flick like sleepless in seattle or you’ve got mail and just unconsciously snuggle together in a pile of fleece blankets and suga’s massive family dog draped over both their laps like omggg

sometime in the night daichi’s face gets buried against suga’s stomach where his shirt’s ridden up and he’s just nuzzled into his warmth, arms wrapped snug around suga’s waist while they sleep yuck omg;;; and suga is moRTIFIED WHEN HE WAKES UP AT LIKE 3AM BC DAICHI’S BEEN PRESSING ON HIS BLADDER WITH HIS STUPID FACE THIS WHOLE TIME and his face is flaming as he tries to wriggle out of daichi’s grasp to go to the bathroom bc this is pre-relationship and they’re still dumb best friends pffff but dai is so clingy in his sleep omg and just won’t let go

he ends up substituting himself with a pillow and sneaking off - when he gets back daichi is still asleep, spread out on his back along the length of the couch and the thing is, the thing is suga could take a blanket and sleep on the floor or even go back into his room to sleep. but the tv screen is glowing soft with the radio scene from sleepless (it’s on repeat with the volume low enough to be background noise) and it’s quiet and dark, and daichi looks so settled even with a blanket twisted around his legs, one arm flung out in a perfect space for suga to fit into, where he’d be warm against daichi’s side with his head pillowed against his shoulder.

so he crawls back onto the couch, wriggles a blanket properly over the two of them and does exactly that and they wake up grossly snuggled together with suga’s arms around daichi’s neck and daichi’s large hands draped loosely over suga’s lower back p LS IT’S SO YUCKKKKK

the dog is still there she’s just sleeping on the floor next to the couch like whuffing the entire bc they’re such hopeless dorks ew and sleepless in seattle is still playing on the tv

Hope you like how cute they look together ✖‿✖

Anyone want to join me in a Robin Williams movie marathon?

Mrs Doubtfire

Dead Poets Society

Good Will Hunting


What Dreams May Come


Good Morning Vietnam


Bicentennial Man

Patch Adams






The Angriest Man In Brooklyn

One Hour Photo

Old Dogs

The Butler

August Rush

The Birdcage


Night at the Museum

Night at the Museum 2

World’s Greatest Dad

License to Wed


Man of the Year

(there are so many more, send me an ask if you want a link and you don’t wanna find it yourself)


Jack Johnson Imagine: Obvious (requested by anon)

"Hey, guys!" You beam as you open your front door to nine amazing boys. They all shout and wave in response and begin streaming in one by one, the last guy to step through your doorway your boyfriend of a year and a half, Jack Johnson.

"Hey babe," he smiles and kisses you deeply before walking any further. "How are you?"

Your heart beats fast in his presence, just like it always has, and you take his hand in yours. “I’m great.”

Fingers linked, you walk into your large living room, where you’ve already set up blankets and bowls of popcorn, three boxes of pizza, and even a cooler so you don’t have to go all the way to the kitchen (which is really only twenty feet away from the couch) for a soda. Tonight is you and the guys’ annual movie night. The same tradition that led you and Jack to fall in love with one another.

"So what movies we got?" Matt mumbles, a fistful of popcorn already stuffed in his mouth. You chuckle and sit down in a pile of blankets you had set up for Jack and yourself exclusively.

"The Fault in Our Stars -"

"NO!" You hear in response before you can continue.

"Don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing movie, but I can’t watch you burst into tears over fictional characters again," Nash speaks up. You narrow your eyes at him and throw a piece of popcorn at him.


"22 Jump Street," you continue. Immediately a smile creeps up on each of the guys faces. You laugh and hand the DVD to Carter.

Johnson joins you under the pile of blankets and wraps his arm around your waist, which prompts you to snuggle into his side. He kisses the top of your head and you can’t help but let a smile play at your lips yet again. This boy truly makes you happy.

"You’re a loud climaxer," the character Mercedes says creepily through the screen. You feel Jack shift so his breath brushes against the shell of your ear.

"I know someone else who is."

You tense at Jack’s words. His hand shifts to your thigh, his fingers playing with the seams of your jeans.

You clear your throat and cross your ankles, trying to conceal your pleasure as Jack’s hand continues to move further up by the second. You squirm under his touch, Jack’s fingers finally reaching to unzip your jeans.

Without thinking, you press your palm against Jack’s crotch, finding him already hard. He sucks in his breath and plunges his fingers into you, earning himself a yelp.

"Are you guys -" Cameron turns his head to look at you, then glances down at the little lump under the blanket where Jack’s hand is. "Oh."

Your face turns bright red as another seven pairs of eyes turns to look at you. Jack quickly removes his hand from your pants, your stomach sinking at the loss of contact.

"You thought you could hide that from us?" Gilinsky chuckles. You stick out your tongue at him and cross your arms.

"We tried."

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Cat’s Don’t Dance (1997)

Dean and Sam sit at the kitchen table in the bunker. It’s fairly early in the morning.  Even though the place is air tight and virtually soundproof they hear rain outside coupled with thunder. Today is an indoor day, they decide almost immediately after waking.

Dean’s in his robe, sipping on coffee, trying to read the newspaper while Sam types meticulously. Sam stifles yawns every so often. He eats what Dean made him between rubbing his eyes and research. Everything is quiet for the first ten minutes when they hear shuffling down one of the hallways. Castiel walks by dragging sheets. He walks back empty handed.

The next time Dean sees him, Castiel’s arms are full of pillows. He makes a second trip with the same materials. Castiel makes four more afterward. During this act of whatever the hell Castiel is doing, Dean watches him, completely forgets his coffee while Sam is blissfully unaware until Castiel stops by the kitchen to ask Sam random questions like what his favorite movie is, if he’s in the mood for snacks, how sensitive is his rear end (it’s that question that actually makes Sam look up in slight alarm). Sam gives him a hesitant ‘yes?’ and Castiel considers it for a moment before backing away from the door.

At the end of it, both brothers can’t stop looking at the door when Castiel walks by with sheets in his hands again. Then he brings comforters back the other way plus the bean bags Dean thought he had stashed fairly well. Finally, the angel walks into the kitchen without a word to either of them, closes Sam’s laptop, bends down, grabs Sam’s arm to put it behind his head, and lifts the hunter over his shoulder. As he turns to leave, Sam’s face is decidedly concerned and then panicked when he looks up to stare at Dean as they disappear around the corner. 

For the most part, Dean is disturbed but intensely curious. He clears the table and walks in the direction of Sam’s room where the door is open. He hears Castiel say something about this side being Sam’s and this one being Dean’s should he chose to join. Dean takes a deep breath before walking in thinking that whatever Castiel did is probably really weird.

Dean is not let down in his assumption.

Inside, the floor is layered with pillows and tons of sheets while the middle he’s formed a circle of pillows and comforters and bean bags and from the looks of it everything is tailored to Sam’s height at least on one side. Castiel lounges across Sam’s lap when Dean finally looks at him.

"Cas, what the hell is this?"

"It’s thundering outside and I was made aware that on days like this a movie is the chosen activity among those who dwell in the same place." He looks down at his lap curiously with head tilted. "I also… felt the urge to make myself more comfortable in the space where we live."

Dean looks to Sam for help in responding but Sam shrugs.

"…So. You’re… nesting."

Castiel glances up.

"In a way."

"And then you built an actual nest."

He looks around at his creation; Sam stifles his laughter by pressing his mouth to Castiel’s shoulder.

"It’s optimal for partaking in ‘movie night’. I designed each space with your comforts in mind."

Sam, grinning as he does so, pats the space next to him which sort of looks like a lounge chair and feels like heaven once Dean is in it. He feels relaxed instantly, sighing as his body adjusts to the comfort and letting his eyelids droop.

"Damn, Cas. ‘Bout to fall asleep again."

"Don’t you dare," Sam responds. "Cas picked out a bunch of movies for us to watch with him. He’s trying to… brush up on pop culture references."

Dean opens one eye to peer at his brother and his angel best friend snuggled under Sam’s chin. The look on Sam’s face is oddly knowing. Sam knows something. More importantly, Sam knows something that Dean doesn’t and it looks as if Sam is grinning.

"…What kind of references?" Sam searches for the remote to turn the t.v. on. Dean tries to muster the will to sit up but he’s trapped in a cocoon of blankets. "Sam?" Castiel answers instead.

"Today, I thought we’d begin with the genre of romance-"

Dean groans-

"Starting with ‘The Notebook’-"

-then tries desperately to get up but his space is so warm and his muscles are so relaxed that he’s stuck where he is no matter how hard he struggles. “Goddamn it, Cas!” He huffs; Sam’s face is turned away from him but Dean can see his body shake. “What the hell, Sam! You knew about this and still let me sit down in this- this- body trap?! What if I have to go to the bathroom, huh?!”

"You’ll figure it out-" Sam tosses over red licorice then places a bowl of popcorn in between them for him and Castiel to share. "Just enjoy the movie."

"The movie? You mean the emotional barf fest with the old people and the boats? Pass."

"Well, you’re not going anywhere anyway."

Dean crosses his arms and bites the inside of his cheek because not only does he have anything to say but the movie is starting and Castiel is already hopelessly entranced. He stays there for the whole thing. Slowly, his arms come uncrossed and he’s trying his best to keep from looking interested but at the end, he’s teary eyed and cursing Castiel’s nesting instinct to hell and back.

Movie Night - Hayes Grier

A/N: Hayes, y/n, and Skylynn have a movie night together awwhh



"Sky, are you ready?" you called to Hayes’ little sis Skylynn, who the two of you were currently babysitting.

"Yeah, I’m putting some pjs on. Will you help me? I can’t decide between the Frozen ones and the unicorn ones."
You entered her room, which was
painted pink (ofc) and had little drawings of butterflies on the walls.

“Hmm..well how about you wear the Frozen ones and we can watch the movie!”

"Really?!" She shouted excitedly. You laughed and nodded before walking out of her room and back to the couch. Hayes came in and sat next to you, gently wrapping his arms around your waist and lifting to up into his lap.

"This okay, babe?" He asked.
“Yeah,” you replied while giving him a kiss on the cheek before Skylynn walked in.

"Ewww are you guys kissing?"

"What are you talking about, Sky? I would never ever do that…boys have cooties!" You said teasingly. She squealed with laughter and sat on the cushion next to you and Hayes. You grabbed the remote and played Frozen on On Demand. Skylynn was so into the movie, but you and Hayes weren’t really paying attention because you had watched it so many times already. He played with your hair, and you relaxed into his chest, slowly falling asleep. You were having a nice nap until a loud noise suddenly woke you up.

"LET IT GOOOOO! LET IT GOOOO!" You sat up quickly and then realized that it was just Skylynn singing along to the songs in the movie. Hayes chuckled and reassured you.

"It’s okay, Y/N. You know how she likes to sing."

"Yeah," you laughed. "I guess I do." He wrapped his arms around you again and pulled you back against him after giving you a quick kiss before Skylynn could see.


sorry this is so short lmao. I’m in study hall rn 😁