redirect theme #01 – by quiffly (robinthemes)
static preview + code


what features
llike seriously
there aren’t any features here
it’s just a redirect theme
(im being mean ! you have to go inside of the code to edit the link. underneath <body>, there’s a small bit of coding that looks like this: <div class=”container demo-1”> <div class=”content”> <div id=”large-header” class=”large-header”> <canvas id=”demo-canvas”></canvas> <h1 class=”main-title”>I’ve moved to…<span class=”thin”><br><a href=”NEW URL”>NEW URL TITLE</a></span></h1>. where it says “NEW URL” and “NEW URL TITLE”, you can put your url.)

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for this theme, i’d like to give codrops complete credit: i got the whole animated header design and idea from here. i just thought that i would bring it to tumblr for all the amazing people on here.


♛ KINGS {sasunaru



SAUDADE PAGE |  { PREVIEW1 , 02 , 03 / CODE1 , 02 , 03 }

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  • Redirect Link
  • Video Background


See page’s usage for a guide on how to change the video!

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Actually today is the perfect day for witchcraft. The cats destroyed my lil prosperity/success jar, so I’m going to make another one, but this time focusing on motivation and creativity.
Also I had this little thing I’d do everyday.. I wrote out a long list of our perfect dream house and I would light a candle, meditate and then read the list, just manifesting it as hard as I possibly could. I need to start doing that again.