5 Tips to Help You Move On

The unhealthiest thing you can do for yourself is be stuck in a relationship waiting and waiting for a response or outcome. If people really want something, they would have already made it happen or possible. The best you can do for yourself is move forward and one day look back at things objectively. 

1. Pursue your own dreams and goals. If there is something you have a dear passion for, now is the time to pursue them. Fulfill your dreams and goals. When you have done so, you would also feel much more competent as a person and what you need out from a relationship. 

2. Forget it; act now. Don’t waste time. If you have really strong feelings for someone, now is the time to let them know how you truly feel. If they don’t feel the same, then you will be able to move on. At least you know for a fact that they have never wanted a relationship with you and you were wrong to mis think that. 

3. Spend each day, how? One step at a time. I am sure at some point you will be able to forget them. You will be able to move forward. When that time happens, do not even look back. Do not let things trigger any past memories. Live your life happily and keep doing what you have work so hard for. 

4. Look around you. Your family? Your friends? Spend more time with them. Invest in them. You only have one life to spend your time with these people so make it count. Don’t waste it thinking about something that will never ever happen. 

5. Be proud of how far you’ve come. Don’t undermine all your hard work and get mad at yourself when you let old feelings come back. Just sleep it off, change your environment, get a few days off work and you will be ready to go again :) 

What are you guys thoughts on this?


"How’ve you been?"


I used to think that the further away I got from it, the less it would hurt. But some days, the pain, it’s worse than the day that it happened. Some things you just can’t fight.

You really think I won’t leave? What we had was nothing more than a simple speck of dust on the timeline of our lives. It’s not worth anymore of my time.
—  Ten words story: My attachement towards you was biaised. You treated me way too poorly for me to love you.