I am an enormous pile of Bechloe trash and I am only slightly ashamed of it.  Here is my version of what Pitch Perfect II could (and should) have been about. (I apologize for the Chinese subtitles on the PP2 clips, but the version I found was very solid otherwise. I’ll redo it later if I can find a better copy.)

For years, Beca and Chloe have been best friends, despite Chloe’s obvious and seemingly one-sided attraction to Beca. Going into senior year, Beca starts to realize that she feels something more than friendship for Chloe, and confides in Amy, who, like the rest of the Bellas, figured this out long before Beca did. Beca must decide whether or not to tell Chloe and risk their friendship as they head towards graduation. (Spoiler Alert: they all live happily ever after)

anonymous asked:

hey if youre doing ficlet requests atm then could we get some teenage trans boy Kobra Kid who's tiny and trying his best to pass and feeling shitty and dysphoric so nonbinary Party Poison comforts him? Thannnnks :)

Suggest a ficlet!

(No nb Poison, sorry! :o I couldn’t figure out where to include it without being cheesy.)

Kobra Kid scanned the juice cartons on the shelf. Grape, orange, strawberry, lime, peach, watermelon, pomegranate, all labeled with colorful pictures of fruit and Japanese writing. The illustrations of colorful juice splashes made his mouth water. He checked his mother’s shopping list again.

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