It’s that time of year guys! That one month I don’t shave and grow out the only facial hair I can actually grow.

Movember is all about raising awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate and testicular cancer as well as mental health.

For every donation above $10 I will mail you one of these hand knit moustaches!

TUMBLR SPECIAL! Any donation over $5 will also come with the pattern to make these moustaches.

Please head to and donate if you can. Movember is a great organization that
gives over 80% of their donations to various cancer research groups.

Thank you all!

This is my photo op with Misha from JIBcon6. (x)

“Hiii, Misha!”

“Hiii, how are you?”

“Fine… I just want to thank you, because we are so lucky to have you on this earth. You are so special.”

“Oh, stop, I’m blushing”, he smiled and winked at me. 


“Wear these!”

He just knew already. 

“Now, do some Spanish or Mexican moves.”

He was staring at the photographer and then. BOOM, there he is!

All the room laughed. 

“Gracias!” he said.

“Gracias too!”