so yeah this kinda happened!!!!!!!!!

we were walking from carnaby street to soho and i was at the very end of our group and i was crossing the street and when i turned my head to see if there’re any cars i sAW ALEX WALKING DOWN THE STREET WITH SOME GIRL????? so i though like fuck this this is a once in a lifetime chance there’re 7 million people living in london what is the chance you’d run to one of your fave youtubers?????? so i kinda ran away from our group and went up to him to say hi

i don’t really remember what exactly i’ve said to him because i was shaking and smiling too hard and everything so i think it was something like “hi i’m simone and i’m from the czech republic and i’m here in london just for today so this is a crazy coincidence i like your music and videos so much!!!” and he went “awww that’s so sweet thank you!” and i asked if i can have a picture so we took this pic and he made himself as tall as me and really really grinned and squeezed my waist and the girl who was with him took the pic and i just ???????????????

then i thanked him and said goodbye because my group found out i was missing so they were waiting for me ops but alex was actually so sweet in real life and didn’t seem freaked out by me at all and i just wow what

this has really happened

super-huge london post

warning: photos

so i won’t post photos like me next to big ben, Buckingham palace, blahblahblah because of course i have them and if you’re like… reaaaaaaally interested in seeing them i’ll post them on my facebook soon so just send me a message and i’ll give you a link so you can add me because i don’t want strangers in my so-called-friends on fb


so here we go, the most interesting stuff from london except for general sights

first: doctor who experience!

it was so amazing guys, a woman called me amy pond (and my sister too!!!!), we flew the TARDIS like actually pressing some buttons (we were at the navigation console muhhhahahahahha) we walked past weeping angels (i did not blink) daleks wanted to exterminate us and we talked with the doctor and saw that thing with face from the library episode and it was talking to us and giving us information AAAAAHHHHHHH just perfect

then there was an exposition of costumes, monsters etc SO REALLY FUCKING AMAZING


the outside of it


shhh just come fly my TARDIS with me


original nine and ten set (the kept playing the regeneration of ten behind us I’VE ALMOST CRIED OMG)




guys why i’m posting an empty picture




hey who turned out the lights

second: Hamleys

sweet jesus where this shop has been my whole life

so amazing! so many toys and sweets and harry potter stuff and also doctor who stuff and lotr stuff and star wars stuff and super hero stuff and also winner of the best staff ever there was a great shop assistant who was trolling us the whole time and great guys in front of hamleys just the best. shop. ever.


hai guise wats goin’ on just typical me at toys store


there was this shop assistant called tony in front of hamleys and he went like “hey girl where are you from” and when we said czech rep he started to talk about how great prague is and then he said “go to 3rd floor find a girl with glitter tattoes and say tony sends you, she will make you some for free!” so we did and the girl did this and it’s still on my hand and i won’t wash it, ever

third: apple store


this was in front of it. it was so sad reading the letters but those apples were definitely cool though.

fourth: london’s film museum

i died and went to heaven omg - harry potter, superheroes, charlie chaplin, sherlock, comedy, drama, classic, modern film - just everything dfghnbvfghjklkhgf


original (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) ron’s costume

as you can see i was really thrilled


bye guys i’m leaving to holywood right now

fifth: platform 9 3/4

yes you read right

we went to hogwarts. and we’ve been there before 11 o’clock!



sixth: 221B

we haven’t been inside but still




seventh: okay i promised no sights but when i saw night tower bridge and london i just knew this is my home and this is where i belong and i miss that feeling more than anything in the world

it was just so beautiful


eight: leaving

and suddenly 4 days were gone and we had to go on a plane and go back to czech republic (flying is awesome by the way omg the view is beautiful) - i cried on a bus to airport, i cried on a plane, i’m still depressed i just don’t want to be in here i want to be back home

have a picture of us being sad in regent’s park right before we left to the airport


and stuff i’ve bought: of course postcards, clothes, souvenirs and stuff so have the most interesting things


first thing i’ve bought in uk were gay times

dammit darren and glee cast


this is how it now looks like above my desk - tickets from doubledeckers, dw experince, film museum, plane, a lot of postcards and pictures of london and also darren and chris and daniel woooo


super-big doctor who posters. i’m in love with them and they are almost as big as half of my wall. i can’t stop looking at them dtzhuiol,mnbghzujk also i’m so happy i got the vincent one, i love that episode so much


TARDIS pen, yellow submarine pen, TARDIS badge and UK flag pen I LOVE THE TARDIS ONE SO MUCH I’M AFRAID TO WRITE WITH IT but i wrote postcard with it hehehehehe

and ummmm… the best for last

so we had like.. last couple of pounds, it was evening of the last day and we’ve been close to hamleys, saying that we want something from HP, but then suddenly i got the idea and after an hour of thinking we did it. we just spent all of our last money, so i’ve come back with pound forty or something but yea it was worth it

we’ve bought wands

luna lovegood wands

i have a wand

luna’s wand




so it was amazing and i want back

i really miss uk uhhuhuuuuuhuhhhuhuhuuuhuuhhhuhuh

and if you’ve read it whole until now i admire you it’s just me rambling though

so… i’m a very, very introverted person. i don’t tell anyone anything personal and i’ve been wondering about posting this since July, which is like 5 months or so. this is a huge, huge step for me.

if you’ll actually take the time to read this, thank you, thank you so much. i’m sorry i cannot tell you anything else, just thank you.


never, never ever, nobody has supported me in this family. they don’t support my choices, they don’t like i go to school in Pilsen, they don’t support my choices about my future, they don’t like my favourite movies, shows, songs, everything. and my mum is sick and my dad works all the time because mum can’t work, so he’s not really at home so much. and my mum, she can’t control her feelings properly when she’s too angry. this whole illness has to do something with her parents, but that’s another story. also she can’t take care of household properly, so we often (my sis and me) cook ourselves, clean house etc. and of course, I’m 16. i’m not supposed to take a care about a house, I’m not supposed to take care of my mother so she wouldn’t do some stupidity again like she does. so i argue with mum a lot.. i called her a bitch once and she got so angry, so she hit me. and then, another fight, she did it again. she apologized later, but i remember it though. I know she’s sick, but if she would want, she could stop acting like this. she could, but she gave up and that’s why I lost all my respect for her.

And then this… in 8th (you’re 12-13 when you’re in 8th grade in here) grade, i started to.. well, be myself, actually. i started to be into books again, my music style slightly changed and i started to show my intelligence. schoolmates started noticing, of course. and some of them started to be jealous or bored or I don’t really know what was going through their heads, so i’ve been called names, shoved into things when i walked through corridors and i pretty much stayed “the nerd” till the end of 9th grade. so i’ve been bullied. I was 13 back then and I had no idea what to do. My mum was too busy getting her own problems sorted out and dad was always at work and me and my sister weren’t too close back then. I sort of.. well I was starting to feel numb. Like.. emotionless. So I did something really terrible and I regret it a lot. I cut myself. I didn’t want to kill myself, I just wanted to feel something. I know it was a mistake, a terrible mistake, actually. I won’t ever do it again.

School has got better though. But mum got worse. Dad is the only person working in here, me and my sister are both studying so we can’t go and work. And for 4 people, that’s not much money. But mum – she still thinks “nah it will be okay. I don’t have to go and find myself a job” but dad and us think otherwise, so basically I don’t remember the last day we didn’t argue over this. Mum just goes and the only thing she cares about is her past. She talks about it 24/7, about her mistakes, about what happened and she completely forgets ordinary things – like if I go to A class or B class or if she should have bought some milk in the shop or shouldn’t have. sometimes I feel like she lives in a completely different place that is made up in hear head and not with us.

But things got better. I’m not so alone as I used to be, I have friends now. A few, but I love them. And my relationship with sister got like 100% better. And I found tumblr. And glee, doctor who, starkid etc. and Chris and Darren and you, the most amazing people ever.

But I often feel very bad, mostly because school now is a lot of pressure and then I come home and there’s usually yelling involved. And I feel bad for my sister, she’s going to graduate and it’s hard to prepare for graduation when people shout in this place for like 5 hours per day.

Um, thank you for reading. Thank you for caring, thank you for listening, thank you for being such an amazing person and finding time for me. I’m trying to get back up, I’m trying to don’t disappoint myself, my friends, my sister. I’m really, really trying. I don’t want to give up like my mother did, I really, truly don’t want to.

so, i’ve seen a few people doing this, but i sort of wanted to do it when 2011 is over because you never know who you’ll meet and when, so i’d feel bad later for doing this without them on this list. a lot of people were doing things in photoshop - i just sort of drew this little thing this morning, i hope it’s not that bad, it was drew really quickly.

thank you all for making 2011 special. some of you on that list don’t even follow me back and i really couldn’t care less, just because you don’t follow me doesn’t mean you can’t make my day brighter or make me smile, even if it’s just through the computer. 2011 was sort of a roller-coaster for me, i went through a lot of changes and you guys supported me a lot so this is the best i can do - write your urls on a paper and then put links underneath. i really wish i could just drop by your houses and give you all hug and thank you from eye to eye. maybe, one day, i will. at least i hope so.

Baru, Kathman, Naty, Cath, Kate, Hannah, Laura, Shark, Katie, Aly, Becky, Lia, Beth, Annie, Neaf, Jessica, Dani, Maggie, Brad, Maakie, Katie (once again because her other blog is also flawless), Danica, Amber, Kat, Arvie, Erica, Gina, Tereza, Eloise, Arvie (once again because your opinions are honestly the best), Andrea, Alana, Noelle & Liz

and even though we may don’t speak often or at all, i like your blogs but mainly i like you. so thank you for being here and making the world a bit brighter by doing whatever you’re doing.

happy new year 2012 and hopefully, all your dreams will come true!

i’m not american or anything but i guess this isn’t really about your nationality, this is about something bigger than that,

so i’m thankful for being alive. i’m thankful for being who i am. i’m thankful for all my friends, i’m thankful for every single one of you, i’m thankful for Baru, Kathman, Hannah, Laura, Ali, Katie, Kate and for you, too.

i’m thankful for Baru because she’s always here for me and i’m always here for her and i love you, i truly do. you’re like the bestest friend of all the best friends in the world.

i’m thankful for Kathman because she’s bearing all my craziness every day and i can talk to her about anything, even about Puff the magic dragon. i luf u hunny.

i’m thankful for Hannah and Laura because you two bitches are like the best people ever and you always make me smile.

i’m thankful for Ali and Katie because no matter how i feel, they’ll always make me laugh with some witty comment or a picture.

i’m thankful for Kate because she’s such a remarkable soul, such an inspiration.

then, of course, i’m thankful for Chris Colfer because he made me believe that dreams do come true and he’s my superhero. i’m also thankful for Darren Criss because he’s a perfect idiot.

then i’m thankful for Sam, too, because she’s a proof that no matter what your family thinks of you, you can still be wonderful and helpful. i’m thankful for INST a lot. and i’m thankful for people in The Trevor Project and others because you help to people who need it and in my opinion that is the best thing you can do.

and most of all, i’m thankful for my sister, because she’s the main reason i haven’t given up yet. and i won’t. because she, such an amazing person doesn’t deserve to have a disappointing sister. so i’m going to make her proud with whatever i will ever do. i’m thankful for singing duets with her, for dancing around our room together like weirdos, for her being my best friend and for being a person that understands me. i really love you so much.

and even though there’re things i’m not thankful for, even though there’re things i want to go away, they don’t spoil the good things, right? so thank you all for bearing with me and making me feel like i belong somewhere, for making me feel like i have some sort of wicked kind of home.

happy thursday!!!!!

hi i drew this and i’m really proud of it!!!

this has a backstory so: our art teacher gave us black and white copies of paintings and drawings and we were supposed to pick one and express by a piece of art what is the picture making us feel when we look at it. among the photographs there was vincent van gogh’s self portrait, so i picked that one. i’ve always felt sorry for vincent because he was a wonderful person with beautiful thoughts who was insanely talented but he was very unhappy during his short life but looking at his paintings always gives me strange feelings of joy. to understand, pity is lítost in czech and joy is radost. these words have the same endings, -ost, so these seemingly unrelated emotions might have something in common. so yellow represents joy and blue represent pity (they have the colours of one of my favourite paintings of his). these colours - feelings - are swirling next to each other but not together until they finally past vincent’s eyes and then they mix and exist together, not just next to each other by the words pity and joy.

and idk why but i finished this today and i’m really proud yaaaay


so this is what i have been doing for the past 2 days