not sure if you’ve seen this before, first I came across it. Found this in a post titled “The Working Poor at Walt Disney World” via Sociological Images.

“In the 22-minute short film below, titled MouseTrapped 2010, employees of Florida’s Walt Disney World plead with Disney to negotiate a fair contract with their Union. The film is interesting on two accounts. First, is a good example of the low wages in many service industries. Sociologists refer to the “working poor” to describe people who work full-time and yet still cannot make ends meet. Some of the employees in this video take second jobs, live with their parents or siblings, routinely take food from church food banks, or receive food stamps.”

(there is a part 2 you can view by clicking the above Soc. article link)

This video came out almost four years ago. I wonder if things have changed, but I sort of doubt they have much, considering that Disney just this past year tried to work their “magic” on the Florida Senate in getting the state to vote against paid sick days for employees (in the ENTIRE state. Because Disney wanted that badly, not to pay). It’s also worth noting that Disney paid almost $500,000 in back wages in 2010 for violating the Fair Labor Standards Act (not, though, for issues relating to the above video).

“There’s times I have to make my month’s insulin last two to three months because I can’t afford to go out and buy it. It’s a choice. Get your medicine, or have food on the table. Naturally, I have a family, food comes first. my wife is making her medication last for months. We just can’t afford to keep going like this.” -speaker in video

As another speaker points out, many employees qualify for government assistance, which essentially means that Disney is relying on government money to make up for what they aren’t willing to pay to employees (and the families that rely on them).

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Any potential for some sort of tabletop RPG video series from RT/Achievement Hunter?

Would love to, the idea has been tossed around.

Though most of us who have played D&D (myself included) haven’t done it for a very long time. My last game was over 12 years ago. So, personally, I’d need to re-familiarize myself with the newer rules.

Unless we are talking “Real Life Monopoly/Life/Mousetrap” and such. In which case, that’d probably be a whole other level of funny.


Oh noes we caught another one :( #mousetrapped

I just casually re-read Moustrapped by Catherine Ryan Howard and it’s giving me all sorts of feels. The first time I read it I was a month away from my College Program check in date and so had no frame of reference for all the Orlando specific references. Now, I’ve been here for more than a year, worked at Disney, AND at a hotel like she did, I drive on I-4 everyday, exit 68 is my bitch, I know exactly what she means about a city without a center, etc. It’s just making me wonder how much more of my experiences aren’t unique. But it’s a strangely comforting feeling. She drifted in her twenties like I am now and she’s talented and enjoying success as a writer. So maybe one day…?

When I read Martin’s speech from the mousetrap awards and look at the vids of him at UCD, I can’t help but think Martin would be a really good professor.

he would be very stern but still be funny.

People would actually want to come to class.

…..And obviously stay late for extra help if necessary.


(via Busy Wanderings: My Big British Adventure - Day 5)


“Day Five in London was Saturday and we began it by visiting the original Twinings tea shop on the Strand.  It was a tiny tea heaven and it smelled divine.  Crystal bought out the shop…well, not really, but she did purchase quite a bit.  I probably would’ve done as well, except that I’d have to carry it around with me for the next three weeks and I’ve already got almost more stuff than I can manage.  So, best to save that visit for when I get back to London.  After that, we had a yummy lunch at this little cafe-sandwich shop down the street, across from the impressive Royal Court of Justice building, and then headed back to the flat to change for our afternoon matinee of Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap at St. Martin’s Theatre (near Seven Dials, funnily enough).”