Name(s):Martin (The magician but it also works for his animal )

Species modeled after:Mourning Dove (( Okay, this animal is fairly uncommon, and many would not know of it, so may I suggest changing to maybe a Mackinlay’s Cuckoo-dove, which is fairly common, has a similar look to it, and even starts with the letter M! ))
Duration of service (age): 5 years  (( Okay, this is good! But what happened in those years? I mean this isn’t a mandatory thing to be made into every good oc, but it’s interesting none the less. ;u; ))
Height: (first the others height; Bonnie: 7 ft flat ,360 Ibs, Chica: 6’10 ft ,450 Ibs,Foxy: 6’3 ft ,250 pounds, Freddy:7’2 ft ,370 Ibs) Martin is about 5’5 ft shorter just by a bit XD (( Okay, this is odd, to say the least because if he was a bird he would have to be smaller, like by a foot or two. ))
Fur colour: Light Brown (( Birds should have feathers of felt upon them instead of fur. ))
Eye colour: Light Green
Reason for decommission: During his show he got a volunteer to help him do a planned show, the child was chosen prior is what I mean here, when doing a ‘fake’ saw in half show, he pulled the boxes apart, to show there ‘was no fake body parts’ (which of course there were but not the point) instead of giving the child time to prepare as soon as she got into the separating box he pulled it straining her body, there was no dismemberment but he broke the child’s pelvis, there was no malfunction, his timing was off and that’s it. (( Hmm, that is cool to say the least, but maybe tone down the accident, and add in some more information, also, the bite of ‘87. ))
Brought back into service?:No 
Function in the Pizzeria: He put(s) on magic shows for children. (( Okay, that’s good! Though, you may want to change this for him being within the first game! Because of budget cuts, and the bite! ))
Toy Design:A light grey as he used to just be a normal white dove. (( Okay, now, if you go with changing his species, you would want to make his toy version, shinier looking, with brighter reds a and a feathery tail! ))
Freddy Fazbear’s design:Shown in picture
Hours most active: 
Nights most active:

Starting location:
FNaF:Party Room
FNaF2:Party room, it varies
Programmed route of the restaurant: 
FNaF:The places you check the least,but when you look at him while he’s moving he immediately freezes covering himself with his cape while sinking into darkness  

Audio cues: 
FNaF: You’d hear a slurred voice saying “You look a little lost”, he would say this when someone wandered onto the stage, then it will go to the ending screen

FNAF2: ^

(( Okay, I don’t judge the in game stuff you make but for what I read it’s good! ))


In conclusion, very good oc, just needs some tweaking and small changes with bio and lore! ~Undead-turtle

The mourning dove variant of the common rabbird is a mild-mannered creature which primarily eats seeds and grass. Found mostly at the edges of woods and fields, it can be found in small flocks and mated pairs. It lays two to three small blue-green eggs, and makes a soft cooing noise that is lovely for about the first five minutes and then you want to hit it with a brick. - Ursula Vernon

YESSssss Hatoful Boyfriend Pigeon + A +

can you tell this is the one I romanced… no regrets >_>;;;;
(I secretly hope somone buys this w/o knowing wtf it’s from. spoilers it’s a pigeon dating sim.)